10 Things To Do If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

So February 14 is looming and it’s the day that the average person goes to great lengths to prove to the outside world how happy they are in (or out) of a relationship. If don’t have a date – don’t fret – we’ve put together 10 things to do if you’re single that will save you crying into a tub of ice-cream on your lonesome…




Treat yourself to a spa date.  Forget spending money on a new outfit and treat yourself to an evening of pampering at a spa. Take your single girlfriends or go alone and give your body some TLC with a facial, massage and a pedicure.



Start a new hobby. Distract yourself by signing up for that exciting new hobby you’ve been promising to take up. Always wanted to learn a new language or take up dance classes? Today’s the day. Make sure you look your best too because you never know – the man/woman of your dreams may have also signed up!


Head to the cinema. Make sure it’s nothing too soppy mind! Round up a few of your single gal pals and load up on the snacks. Take your pick between the provocative Fifty Shades Darker, the light-hearted The Lego Batman Movie or if you fancy a real distraction the spine-chilling Rings.


Plan a romantic dinner…for one. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-love and what better way to show some appreciation for yourself by cooking or ordering in your favourite meal. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine (don’t scrimp – get the good stuff) and if you really want to push the boat out get some dessert in too!



Entertain at home. Throw a dinner party or a low-key, tame house party (after all it is still a school night). Invite a few of your nearest and dearest and enjoy the night with some good food, a few drinks and great company!


Get you glad rags on and hit the town. Get dolled up and make a beeline for a a popular upmarket bar with a friend. Save the bodycon dress for the weekend, instead opt for some weekend makeup with skinny jeans and heels…


Hit the gym.  If there’s one evening that the gym is guaranteed to be quieter than normal it’s February 14. Take advantage of the lack of crowd and sign up for that class you’ve been dying to go to and make sure you hit the steam room after…



Book a beauty treatment. Get your nails done or book yourself in for a hair treatment. Trust me after getting spruced up you’ll be rounding up the girls to head out and show off your new look.


Find a singles event. Rest assured you’re not the only one in the same boat so why not head to a local singles event. Check out your local listings guide for a roundup of some of the most exciting ones to check out.


Ask your crush out. Got your eye on someone? Bite the bullet and ask them out. Worst case scenario they say no and you can console yourself with one of the other nine options above!


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