10 Things to Do…Now That England Are Out of the World Cup

England are out of the World Cup.  Tonight’s match against Costa Rica will be all about pride – come on boys!  We’d planned a summer around watching the guys progress to the knockout stages as they tried to reclaim the glory of 1966.  Don’t fret though because we’ve thought of 10 fun things to do that will keep you occupied and your spirits high!


The streets are pretty much empty when a match is on so go for a walk! London is beautiful at night especially when it’s not too crowded and the evenings are so clear.





Use all the extra time away from your man, who will undoubtedly be still glued to the screen, to catch up on a novel you’ve been meaning to read.




Get experimental with your locks!! I love Kylie Jenner’s teal dip dye! Get experimenting and add some colour to your summer!





Even though you already had your nails painted with the St. George’s flags, now’s the chance to experiment with worldly funky nail art.


31DC2014 Day 28 Inspired By A Flag Brasil FIFA World Cup 2014 Nails
Book dinner at a restaurant where it’s usually really hard to get a table because with all the late matches and packed pubs it’ll be easier to get a table at that chic new restaurant that you’ve been meaning to try out.





The World Cup is a great excuse to bring people together to watch the matches. Have a World Cup themed BBQ where you all support the same country of choice. Research that country’s cusine and get together with friends to cook new exciting dishes, paired up with exotic cocktails, of course!!




Go on a day trip out of the city. Explore parts of England you haven’t had the chance to see yet. We may not be winning the World Cup this time around but there are many other reasons to be proud to be British.





Whilst the evenings are cool and vibrant it seems a waste to spend it holed up in the cinema so why nit watch a film under the stars?  They’ll be a football free zone! Check out the Rooftop Film Club: Peckham Rye which will be showing a mixture of ’80s classics and old Hollywood until Friday Jun 27.  Comforts includes director chairs, blankets and wireless headphones.





Make use of the gym membership that you’ve been putting off all year.  If you time your sessions with match kick-offs you’ll be practically skipping from one machine to the next!





Also use this as the year where you actually learn the ins and the outs of the game! Maybe you can even become a master of the off side rule, so next time you can join in with the fun and impress the guys with your acquired knowledge!




By: Pamela @PamelaCapone


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