10 Things You Need To Survive London Fashion Week

Is it me or is it always Fashion Week? Twice a year the fashion industry goes into meltdown as brands and fashion houses attempt to outdo each other and attract the top editors, celebrities and influencers to their shows to tell the world about their upcoming collection. If you’ve bagged yourself invite and you’re a first-timer you’ll be forgiven if you think that a stream of red carpets and goody bags await you. London Fashion Week can be a really fun if you manage your expectations and are prepared for all eventualities we at i the stylist has put together a handy guide that will get you through those intense five days…


Wear trainers or flats.  Unless you’re a celebrity or a fashion VIP you’ll be doing a) lots of walking in between venues and b) queuing so that last thing you want to be fussing over are sore feet. If you’re not a flats or trainers type of gal bring a pair of ballet pumps or something comfy that you can slip into in between shows – you have been warned.


Stay hydrated.  It’s thirsty work running from show to show.   Stock up on a sports bottle size of water or beverage of your choice.
Make a friend. Trust me when I say you’ll spend most of your time queuing for the shows so it’s always good to have a friend to chat to to pass the time. Plus 1’s aren’t really an option so put on your best smile and make friends with your fellow fashionistas.

Pack a power bank or charger. You’re likely to see lots of  interesting and famous faces in and around the shows so the last thing you want is for your phone to die on you. If you haven’t got a power bank bring your charger because worst case scenario there’s always Starbucks…


On the go snacks. If you’ve got a packed day of shows and presentations a lunch break will be a distance memory. Pop into the supermarket on the way to your first show for a sandwich and other quick bites…

Tickets. If you’re planning to show up and try and blag yourself into one of the shows, save your makeup and watch the live stream.  Unless you fancy standing around in the cold and celeb spotting then make sure you visit the official London Fashion Week website to find out how to gain accreditation.

Sunglasses. Want to make sure you draw attention and look like you belong? Dress the part and add a pair of shades for good measure. If you want to go the extra mile shield your face when you walk past any paparazzi  or street style photographers – at best they’ll think you’re off one of the endless ream of reality shows.

Business Cards. London Fashion Week is a goldmine for meeting other creatives and what better place to network than one of the biggest events on the fashion calendar.  Make sure you come prepared with some business cards and more importantly make sure your social media channels are up to scratch too!

Makeup. After the shows are the after parties so you don’t want to get caught short because you’re not looking as fresh-faced as you did earlier in the day.  Worse still you make get spotted by a street style photographer and they won’t take too kindly to you demanding they Photoshop your shiny face. Touch ups are necessary!

A smile…its not that deep. It’s just fashion after all. Enjoy the shows, take lost of pictures and above all have fun!

Post Author: Ihunna

I'm a London-based fashion stylist and writer. When I'm not writing about the latest style and beauty must-haves I'm getting paid to play dress up with models and celebrities. Someone's got to do it! Three things I can't live without are avocado (it goes with everything), mascara and my bangles...

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