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10 of the Best Blazers Under £40

Blazers make me think of school days. Mine was oversized (not in a cool hipster way) and made me feel tiny and frumpy. Fear not however! I have assembled a


Started From The Bottom: Justin Timberlake

Some people don’t take to things straight away. I, for instance, am yet to learn how to swim. However I’m sure once I take the initial plunge I’ll be an


10 Signs You’re a Social Media Lurker

Social media is so fantastic!   It is a great way to connect with others, and to share what is going on in your life.  However, when it comes down


Throwback Thursday: Jelly Shoes

So dressing like an 80s or 90s primary school kid has somehow become fashionable and I have no idea how the fashion world allowed this to happen, but it has


Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Stone

Emma Stone is beautiful, smart, funny, amazing and made out of stardust. We love her for her down to earth comments, her bubbly personality on the red carpet and her


i the stylist Loves…California Style

This summer one of the most popular themes seems to be tropical  – think palm trees and tie-dye. We have put together a collection of our favourite pieces inspired by California


Technology Tuesday: 5 of the Best Digital Radios

It’s Technology Tuesday and today we’re looking at digital radios.  We’ve conducted our research and have put together a edit of five of our favourite digital radios currently on the


Red Carpet Roundup – 22 July 2014

Another day, another celebrity event.  We’re back with our weekly round-up of the good and bad on the red carpet. We checked out the première of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Celebrity Fashion

i the stylist Icon: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

I know for me, growing up in the 90s meant that Mary-Kate & Ashley, the million dollar twins, were my absolute heroes. This week we have chosen the two glamorous


Man Crush Monday: Jamie Dornan

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Jamie Dornan – literally – as he recently landed the lead role of Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of