2018 is All About Style and Self-Care

As the short weeks of February lead to March the promise of a brighter season is beginning to blossom. It is the time of year to spring clean your surroundings. And, also an opportunity to cleanse your lifestyle and dust off any self-sabotaging influences and behaviours. 

Some simple positive day-to-day lifestyle adjustments can lighten the load and help put you in perfect alignment with your (so often neglected) self-care centre. Below are some fashion-related wellbeing and vitality tips to enjoy and experiment with. 



Clothing Clutter

TV shows and media coverage have exposed the fact that hoarding an excess of belongings is detrimental to health and happiness. Feng Shui also teaches the impact of minimalism on your mood. Here high energy, good fortune, abundance and financial prosperity are all achievable through continuous clear-outs of the home. The wardrobe is one of the main culprits of household clutter as it is often bursting with unworn garments.

One free morning or afternoon is all that’s needed to organise your closet and shed all those barely worn or outdated clothing. Individual items can be sorted into colour schemes or categories such as smart, casual, daytime and evening wear. This will allow you to have an ultimately unstressful and coherent morning dressing routine with all your clothes in direct view.

Charity Shops

The pile of clothes obtained through a wardrobe MOT can be appreciated by others through a charity shop donation. Charity shops recycle and reuse customers’ possessions and so aid the environment. Did you know that the average clothing item production cycle incorporates harmful gases which are released into the atmosphere? Charity shops therefore generate a lesser demand for fast fashion and clothing consumption.

By contributing your version of clothing waste, you can high five mother nature and keep your conscience in check. There are also lots of treasures to be found here by us dedicated fashionistas such as antique jewellery and designer bags and shoes. In addition to this, a personalised, self empowered and unique look can be created with second-hand bespoke pieces.


 Outdoor Gear

We all need some sunshine in our lives as it radiates vitamin D rays which benefit the body, in particular our muscles, bones and teeth. Getting outdoors amongst nature is a great way to reduce anxiety and depression. It also increases creativity, health and self-esteem. Walking is a convenient form of exercise with the added bonus that it’s not necessary for the great outdoors to make a deficit impact upon our bank balance.

All you need to get started this month is a good pair of wellies and a waterproof mac. And, style doesn’t need to be sacrificed either. You can also be one step ahead by adopting the spring/summer 2018 catwalk colour palette now. Try purchasing your outdoor gear in pastel and crayola tones. Opt for yellow, green or orange to powerfully permeate enthusiasm, happiness, healing and optimism!

Post Author: Jade Newman

Jade Newman
I live by the sea and I’m a fashion graduate and writer with a weakness for glitter, sequins and all things sparkly. I love colour and enjoy being a style source for friends and family and am a newly enlisted vegan keen to champion a cruelty free approach to clothing. Follow me on Instagram @jadamai.

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