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The music of French duo Huko, aka Hugo and Nicolas, combine all the elements of EDM, house and pop, making music with  bold melodies, heavy synths and a European touch. Having celebrated 8 million streams on their song Blind, they have just come out with the single ‘Can’t Get Over You’ and it’s accompanying adorably sweet music video, and spoiler, we can’t get over how good it is. We caught up with the pair, whose music you won’t be able to get out of your head, to talk about the rise of French music, their inspirations and their favourite gigs…

WTYB: You’ve recently released a video for your new song, Can’t Get Over You, it’s really cute! How did the concept for the video come about?

We received several screenplays for « Can’t Get Over You » and we fell in love with this story where everyone can find each other again. We were looking for something touching and what could be more moving than a holiday kid love story?!

WTYB: You had already finished the track and then decided to add Atlas to it, how did this come about?

We are good friends with Mani Hoffman and we sent him the finish tack without vocals and he put us in touch with Max (Atlas) who has put his voice in this remarkable way!

WTYB: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be?

Without hesitation, Flume !

WTYB: You’re from France, but you tend to sing in English, is this a conscious decision you made early on?

Absolutely not, it’s a question of feeling. Maybe we will release a track with a French vocal one day, who knows 😉

WTYB: There are some big French DJs and electro artists like the duo Daft Punk and David Guetta, have they influenced you at all?

Hugo : I was a fan of EDM when I was a teenager, I watched Tomorrowland dreaming to be there, so David Guetta probably influenced me the most although I also appreciated Daft Punk!
Niko: I was rocked by the world of French touch so Daft Punk, Justice and many others!

WTYB: Who are the biggest influences to your sound?

Flume inspires us a lot, but also the French duo Point Point right now.

WTYB: How do you usually go about combining your talents to create a song?

We do not have a particular method of work, we let ourselves be carried by the inspirations of each

WTYB: How did you begin making music together?

We went to the same Sound Design School. During the first year we were accidentally put on a project together and the next day Huko was born.

WTYB: What is one song you wish you had written?

“10 years of us” by French singer Ben Mazué. We worked on his album and co-produced 3 tracks on it but this one, we don’t have any words, just magic.

WTYB: Your song Blind has had 8 million streams, how do you like to celebrate that kind of success?

With a little beer !

WTYB: You do some pretty big gigs, what has been one of your favorites?

The most incredible was the « Stade Vélodrome » in Marseille. We played alongside some of the world’s biggest electronic artists like Kungs, Sam Feldt, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, etc. It was one of our first shows and it was an incredible experience.

WTYB: If you could perform anywhere in the world where would you chose?

Maybe Coachella

WTYB: What are you working on at the moment and what can we expect from you next?

Nothing is defined yet but we’re producing a lot of new tracks. We hope that 2018 will be as good as 2017!

Check out the music video for Huko’s ‘Can’t Get Over You’ (Feat. Atlas) here:

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