3 Quick & Easy Ideas For Party Hair

Christmas is edging closer and this is the season for winter parties. You’ve got the outfit and makeup look sorted, but what about your hair? If you can’t figure out how to style your hair, there here are some quick and easy ideas for you.


1. The Up Do

Maybe you feel like channelling your glamourous side with an up do, but you’re worried about how much time it will take. Well, you need not worry at all, as long as you follow these steps: brush or comb your hair, take a strand of hair on each side of the head and secure them at the back, tie the rest of the hair at the tip with an elastic band, loop the sections of hair together and secure with bobble pins. Voila! You’re done.


2. Half Up Party Lob

Similar to the updo, the half up lob (low bob) is another simple but stated hairstyle. Trim your locks, then take a small section of the top of the hair and back brush or backcomb it, hold down and secure with bobby pins and apply hairspray to keep the style intact.


3. Sophisticated curls

This is a very simple style, but it’s perfectly elegant. Get a curling wand and curl the hair. Then get creative: curls can be styled in any way possible. Style up with bobby pins or let the curls hang down. Add accessories: fascinators and statement clips are good for making your hairstyle stand out.

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