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3R 3 Day Cleanse

3R 3 Day Cleanse

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They say: Increase your energy levels & lose the bloat. Following the success of “12 Days” Cleanse, we have created a condensed version called “3R” the 3 Day Cleanse. This 3 day system comes in a sachet powder formula making it easier to add as a supplement to your juices, smoothies and soups.

Apart from targeting the gut, this 3 Day Cleanse will assist in detoxifying other organs too. Results will leave you feeling less bloated, your skin more radiant, plus you’ll also notice how much better you sleep and how boosted your energy levels are.

We say: The 3R cleansing program was easy to use and included a poster sized instruction sheet which makes clear which foods are permitted and which foods are not. I have to admit that I was dismayed that mangoes and bananas were not allowed.  However, all other fruits are fine to eat. The mixture in the sachet, although not delicious exactly, was certainly edible.

As with all detoxing programs caution should be practised while using the regime and all instructions should be read carefully. The 3R is unique in the sense that it is not a meal replacement program but rather it is additional to the foods that you select.

The regime assumes that a specific diet will be followed within the three day cleansing program – each day requires a certain type of food. Day one is the ‘Remove’ day which consists of eliminating all unnatural products from the diet such as processed and refined foods. Day two is the ‘Restore’ day and foods permitted are raw vegetables, salads and nuts. Day three is the ’Rejuvenate’ day where liquid juice and smoothies cleanse the body.

I did not feel any remarkable difference on day one but on day two I felt quite energised. By day three I was craving caffeine and was quite low in energy. What surprised me was that I did not miss sugary snacks at all and fruit, raw carrots and nuts were my definite preference.  The cleansing program is easy to follow and is simply a matter of putting the sachet into either soup, smoothies or pressed fresh juice. Therefore following the regime while out or at work is not an additional complication. There are nine sachets in total, so three for each day of the program.

What does the 3R do exactly? Well, not only does it tackle the stomach emptying it of toxins but it detoxifies the other organs in the body too, such as the kidneys. A detox by it’s very nature rests the organs and stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins from the body. It improves blood circulation and also our all-important skin – I felt my skin was clearer and less irritated.

The product can be used in other ways too – one sachet a day for an effective fibre filled supplement and also to start a healthy eating regime. Would these sachets really make a diet more effective? The ingredients are prune fibre, turmeric, chia seeds and ginger and organic whenever possible. It may be possible to make your own version but the convenience and nutritional content make it a very tempting option.  The 3R box contains some delicious straightforward recipes and comes at the price – £34.95. The chances are that a basket of shopping at the local health food shop would be more expensive and less practical for eating out of the house.

The practical element is important and for me opening a sachet for my pressed juice in a local coffee shop was simply not an issue at all and it is lightweight to carry around in your bag.  Although I cannot claim actual weight loss, the product helped with bloating.  And, since coming off the program I have continued to eat healthily and I think the detox gave me the kick start which I needed for this.

So, if you have an event you want to be in shape for along with having radiant skin and increased energy levels it is hard to find a reason not to purchase the 3R Cleanse. Everyone will react in a different way to the product but given it is made of natural ingredients and works rapidly and effectively, the regime should make us less bloated and feeling tip top!

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3R 3 Day Cleanse

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