4 Ethical Fashion Brands That Are Changing The Game

We’re of the opinion that fast fashion is contributing to global warming. Companies produces more and more product quickly and with a shorter lifespan.  Its quantity over quality. The cheap prices are definetely appealing; but the unseen problem is that the factories are producing more co2, thus emitting greenhouse gas.

Let’s not even get started on the fact that most large clothing companies manufacture their stock in poorer countries, where workers are underpaid. As customers we contribute to this problem, so now is as good a time as any to towards brands that are sustainable and ethical! Not only this but they look just as good (if not better) than a lot of the high street stock being churned out. Here are 4 of our favourite ethical fashion brands that we know you’ll love…

Maison Cléo

Maison Cleo ethical fashion


This brand is one of my favourites particularly as it is owned by a mother and daughter duo. They decided to launch their own brand after Cléo made a dress for her daughter Marie, and voila, the brand was born. Cléo not only sews everything herself but she also comes up with the designs and ideas for the collections. Their Agnes blouse is ALWAYS sold out. A few celebrities have worn their creations, thus making the brand even more popular. The Maison Cléo e-shop is only open twice a week as Cléo is the only seamstress, which inadvertedly contributes to the brand’s popularity.



Re/Done ethical fashion


This is the place to find old vintage denim. Re/Done takes old denim at the seams to create a brand new pair of jeans, each one made unique. On their website the company explains they manufacture their jeans in Downtown Los Angeles ‘ using water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals.’ You’ve probabmy seen these jeans on bloggers such as Lucy Williams and Camille Charriere. At £400 a pair it is definitely not cheap, but it is a good alternative to fast fashion if you can afford it.

Vestiaire Collective

vestaire collection ethical fashion


This website is amazing to find couture piece. You can buy and sell luxury fashion. Each item is checked to make sure that it is still in good quality. The website has everything from shoes to bags and clothes. Everyone can find something they like. The great thing about this website is that items are usually cheaper than their original price. Instead of buying new clothes all the time it is a good alternative to consumerism. If you only like to buy vintage items they have a vintage section on their website.



Reformation ethical fashion


You’ve probably heard about this brand before. It is very popular among influencers, bloggers and A-listers. Reformation’s clothes are always to die for. They source sustainable fabrics and promise to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure. Their main range fits women from 5’6 to 5’10. And, they’ve created a petites collection as well as one designed to fit women with a full C-DD cup. They promise that their quest is ‘to make sure women of many shapes and sizes can wear Ref (and look damn good doing it)’.


Let’s stop ignoring the fact that fast fashion is impacting the environment. Yes it’s nice to be able to buy a dress for £20.00. Your wallet will thank you momentarily but what’s the long-tem implication of this constant hunt for a bargain? We are tempted with the prospect of updating our wardrobe with new clothes every week; disposing of them quicker than before. This production of clothing impact lands and water. Sure there are initiatives to reduce companies’ carbon footprint but it is also down to us as a consumers to buy more consciously.

We must make sure that the items we buy are made ethically and the workers are paid fairly. These four fashion brands are a great way to shop more consciously.  Change needs to happen in fashion and these brands are definitely proof that ethical clothing can be trendy and affordable. And anyway, recycling clothes is always a good idea because as we all know fashion always comes back in style!

Post Author: Morgane Glain

Morgane Glain
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