5 Body Language Tips to Land Your Dream Job

We’ve all done it. Judged on impulse. Often, within seconds of meeting someone. Try and remember the last time you met someone that you took a dislike to. What was it that set your meh radar off? Was it they way they walked? Their eye contact — or lack of. Or was it just an off-key vibe they were giving off?  Regardless of what their crime was, it’s likely that it was non verbal.  What you don’t say is MORE important than what you do say. If you’re not paying attention to the body language you are portraying then you’re missing a trick. Your body language could be holding you back from that dream job or your next promotion. But, fear not.  Because we’re such a lovely bunch here at i the stylist, we’ve put together 5 body language tips to make sure that you aren’t sabotaging yourself on the job front…


body language


Back up

Don’t be a space invader. Anyone that has experienced a tube carriage during rush hour can relate how infuriating it is having to share your personal space with a stranger. Don’t be that person. There’s a term called cornering off which should help. Basically if you are a woman selling to another woman then you should stand at a right angle to her. This is because by standing head-on you can create feelings of hostility. The same goes for a man selling to another man. However, the tables are turned if you are selling to the opposite sex in which case you want to stand head-on. I hope you’re making notes…


It’s all in the eyes

Did you know that if you are having a conversation with someone and you don’t make eye contact at least 72 percent of the time, they won’t trust you. Stew on that for a moment. However, before you start among up your stares, there is a fine line because anymore than that and you’ll end up having a staring competition. And, frankly come off like a weirdo. So remember 72 percent. No more and no less.


body language


It’s not a competition

Did you know that there are more than 10 types of handshakes? A handshake can communicate a number of different things: submission, intimidation, power and so on. So, which is the ideal one in a job interview setting? Giving a limp handshake is just as bad as nearly taking your interviewer’s hand off with over enthusiasm. You want to give a neutral handshake which means you meet the other person’s hand head on and you return the same pressure they give you. Make sure you don’t get into a squeeze off though.


Don’t be crossed

As kids we were always told not to cross our arms when sulking. And, there is a good reason for that. Crossed give the impression that you are either anxious, uncomfortable, frustrated or trying to intimidate the other person. Now, I said give the impression because despite that fact that you may be having one of the best days of your life you need to be aware of the interpretation that your interviewer may make. So, unless you are a mindreader and are confident that they know your true intentions then it best to err on the side of caution and not make any ambiguous gestures.



This is an obvious one but when caught up in the prospect of potentially landing your dream job the obvious may fly out of the window. Before you walk into an interview. Take a serious of deep breathes (breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth), count down from 10 to 1 and plaster a smile on your face being sure to smile with your eyes too. Not to wide though – you don’t want to look crazed and desperate…


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