5 Scandi Beauty products to try now

Scandi Beauty

We’ve already fallen in love with their stylish noir dramas, minimalist aesthetics and overall approach to life (hello hygge).  So, why not delve into our Nordic neighbours’ bathroom cabinets too? As autumn and winter steadily creep nearer, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about adjusting your routine.  Keeping skin comfortable in the cold is this region’s forte.

Expect beautifully designed, hardworking products that utilise natural ingredients in clean packaging. And, as we see a shift towards skincare being the new makeup, this holistic approach to beauty makes perfect sense.    Here’s an edit to get you started…


5 Scandi Beauty products to try…


Skol! Skyn ICELAND Nordic Skin Peel, £38.00


Skyn ICELAND Nordic Skin Peel


Taking the ‘balance’ ethos to beauty is Icelandic brand Skyn. They promise to heal and restore the damage done to our skin by stress, by using Icelandic glacial water (it even sounds soothing!). These handy pads are a double hit of exfoliating acids, combining AHA lactic acid and BHA white willow bark (aka salicylic acid) to gently remove dead skin cells.


L:A Bruket 092 handcream, £17.00


L:A Bruket 092 handcream

Giving a nod to the androgynous feel of Scandi style, L:A Bruket is a (mostly) unisex brand hailing from Sweden. This sage, rosemary and lavender handcream will soothe chapped hands, while shea butter and coconut oil deeply moisturise.


Rudolph Care Acai Body Oil, £47.00


Rudolph Care Acai Body Oil

This award winning Danish body oil is fast absorbing, and combines sweet almond, jojoba and olive oils. It’s great for tending to dehydrated, end-of-summer skin, enhancing your tan with a subtle glow.


SachaJuan Hair Repair, £12.00


SachaJuan Hair Repair

The Scandinavians are known for their luscious, healthy heads of hair, and with haircare brands like SachaJaun it’s no wonder. Another excellent product to use to reverse the effects of sea, sun and chlorine, this hair repairing conditioning treatment contains Sachajaun’s infamous ‘broth’ of hair loving proteins and minerals, extracted from sea algae.


Bjork and Berries Birch Recovery Face Oil, £44.89


Bjork and Berries Birch Recovery Face Oil

Bjork and Berries describes itself as a sustainable ‘ecoluxury’ brand. A core ingredient of most of the range, and native to Sweden, is birch. It has been traditionally used for healing wounds and eczema. This light, non-greasy face oil is a blend of birch leaf extract, borage and jojoba oil.

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