5 Ways to Embrace Bold Beauty in Your Life

We find comfort in our routines, making our days easier and more clear, yet stepping out of our beauty comfort zone can open new and more exciting prospects. Without trying some different and bold beauty deeds you will not know if it could work for you, so what do you have to lose? This is the time to explore new trends and try a product that you would usually walk or scroll past, it could be great and we dare you to be bold.

Colour Correcting: It’s underneath what counts


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The benefit of corrective concealers is to alter and adjust the colouration of your skin prior to applying concealer or foundation. These coloured concealers counteract the unwanted colouring on the areas of your face, such as purplish dark circles underneath your eyes or unwanted red blemishes. Understandably, this can be a daunting process at first, as applying bright orange or green marks to your face can seem foreign. But, what if the final look is life-changing?  The NYX Colour Correcting Palette is a great product to buy to kick-start colour correcting in your beauty regime. This product includes all the necessary shades to cut down your time spent applying foundation which could even give you extra minutes of sleep in the morning!



Colour Correcting Palette, £10.50 NYX Professional Makeup nyxcosmetics.co.uk


Glitter Lips: Talking loud without saying a word


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Seen on the runways of Fendi and DKNY, this shimmery trend fits well into the glitz and glamour of high fashion. Translating it to everyday life however, could be a struggle. The make-up geniuses responsible for this affair have definitely elevated the way we look at make-up products. Although it is not very understated, it can be the way to get you out of comfort zone and deliver a bold announcement. Which could be perfect for exciting events or Friday night out with your girlfriends. The Glitter Lips set by Beauty Blvd is the perfect stepping point as it includes all the necessary pieces you need, furthermore this product is available in every colour. Start the year as you mean to go on; give bold beauty a try!



Glitter Lips, £3.75 BEAUTY BLVD at feelunique.com 


Dyed Eyebrows: Be bold in your hair colour choice, and make it twice


Photo by slickwoods Instagram


Modelled by the incredible and far from boring Slick Woods, matching dyed eyebrows with your hair could possibly be the most exciting way of showing your unique personality in 2018. As we know hairstyles and dyes are not permanent and can be a great way to shake up your life for a short period. Try a semi-permanent dye to feel out your colour choice, afterwards you can then decide and commit with a more professional doing. With L’Oreal’s Colorista, available in multiple bold, bright hues, you can try this out on your hair and eyebrows easily at home!



Colorista Washout Hot Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, £6.99 L’ OREAL PARIS at superdrug.com


Elixirs: Enhance and glow more


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With a plethora of new beauty products hitting the scene so often, it can sometimes be difficult to filter out the good products. Beauty elixirs have taken over our Instagram feeds with their gold specs and luxurious presence. The Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is a multitasking product which can be used to prime your face, hydrate and highlight certain areas. It may feel unnecessary to add an additional step to your routine that may not seem needed, but according to reviews this product will only achieve good things for your face. After all, who doesn’t want a hydrated and fresh final look? I know I do!



Rose Gold Elixir, £50.00 FARSALI at cultbeauty.co.uk


Hair Straightening Brushes: Innovation for your hair regime


Image by Lopa Mohanty


We have all been there; scared to throw away our old trusty hair appliance with emotional attachments as if it will ruin our lives. Although it is true that we find comfort in the known, exploring with new products and appliances can sometimes be the small change we need to kickoff our bold beauty makeover. The straightening brushes may not be bold beauty changes in the obvious perspective, although they can be bold in the way they alter our routines. By combining the two-step process of straightening your hair, then following with a brush; this appliance will save you time and stress. Maybe it is time to retire your trusty straightener and pick up this new innovative way of haircare.



Diamond Heated Smoothing Straight Brush, £54.00 BABYLISS at debenhams.com 


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