60 Seconds with…Arina Pritch of Pritch London

Would I be right in saying that at one point in every women’s life we’ve dreamed of starting our own fashion line? Fess up! I know I’m not the only one. For many of us it remains a pipe dream, relegated to the bottom of the life goals list. For Arina Pritch it was the top of her list and in 2012 — after graduating from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni — she launched PRITCH London.

PRITCH London produces premium leather fashion for the modern trend-conscious luxury shopper. In Arina’s own words her brand is “…non-conformist luxury, a virtuoso take on leather that embodies today’s versatile modernity through classic shapes, duality and dimensional textures.”

The life of an independent fashion designer running a small team is a busy one. Fortunately we managed to get Arina to take one minute out of her very busy schedule to give us some insight into her brand…


Arina Pritch

WTYB: Briefly describe a typical week for you with regards to PRITCH London.

Arina Pritch: Fun, unexpected, hectic and challenging! But no week is the same!


Sum up the typical PRITCH London client.

Confident, successful and spoiled.

What three things do you wish you knew before you started the brand?

There are quite a few of those things, but I am truly happy I had an experience of not knowing those things before.. We need mistakes to learn from!

What ONE invaluable 
skill do you think every clothing designer starting a brand MUST learn.

Don’t listen to a million opinions; and don’t let anyone break you.

What has been the hardest/toughest aspect of the PRITCH London journey so far?

Trying too many things and realising that the initial idea was king and going back to its roots.


Arina Pritch

If you could design a piece for any celebrity (alive or dead) who would it be and why?


What has been the proudest moment for you since you started the brand?

Realising people love what we do and come back for more.

If you had to describe your brand in no more than five words how would you describe it?

Duality between elegance and edge.  Virtuoso in leather (ed. that’s eight Arina!)

If you could do a collaboration project with another brand (fashion or otherwise) which would it be and why?

Brunello Cucinelli. They have amazing quality but a lack of leather pieces. I would love to jazz it up and make it not only classy, but cool and edgy as well.

What are the plans for the brand over the next 12 months?

ROCK IT… as we always do!


i the stylist loves…


Pritch London

Gunmetal Black Biker Jacket, £1,200.00 Pritch London pritchlondon.com


Pritch London

Riot Envelope Bag, £380.00 Pritch London pritchlondon.com


Pritch London

Polka Dot Collar, £380.00 Pritch London pritchlondon.com

Pritch London

Gold Dress, £2,300.00 (Made to order) Pritch London pritchlondon.com


Pritch London

Easy Shirt Dress, £870.00 ( Made to order) Pritch London pritchlondon.com

View the current collection here: pritchlondon.com



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