7 Vegan Footwear Brands You’ll Want to Shop

Be honest. If I say vegan footwear what’s the first image that pops into your head?  If you’re not of the lifestyle it’s likely that the image was not flattering.  Vegan footwear has – or rather had – the reputation of being practical, frumpy and, I’ll say it, ugly. Well, all that has changed now because there are a number of great vegan footwear brands that are on the way to giving the big boys a run for their money. For us leather lovers, our main concern is that synthetic footwear doesn’t last and looks cheap.

Well erase that thought from your mind because we’ve found 7 vegan footwear brands you’ll actually want to wear…


7 Vegan Footwear Brands You’ll Want to Shop


1. Stella McCartney

Life-long vegetarian, Stella McCartney, is perhaps the most famous vegan-friendly clothing designer.  McCartney launched her namesake brand in 2001 following a stint as Creative Director at Parisian fashion house Chloe.  As well as footwear the brand retails clothing, bags, jewellery and other accessories.

Where: London, UK

Price: £270.00–£720.00


Black and White Monster Boots vegan footwear

Black and White Monster Boots, £710.00 Stella McCartney stellamccartney.com


2. Beyond Skin

British footwear brand Beyond Skin was launched in 2001 by makeup artist Natalie Dean. A vegan herself, the brand was launched in response to the lack of stylish vegan footwear. Despite being a bit ahead of the time Beyond Skin have managed to ride the storm and are still going strong. Although the brand are now based in Brighton with production taking place in Spain, Beyond Skin started life in a small factory in Holloway in north London.

Where: East Sussex, UK

Price: £75.00–£250.00


Roxie Black Knee High Vegan Boots

Roxie Black Knee High Vegan Boots, £179.00 Beyond Skin beyond-skin.com

3. Nemanti

Nemanti started life in 2013 as Opificio V and is the brainchild of Paula Caracciolo. The Milan-based brand produces luxury footwear with a heavy focus on quality. Created by ancient Italian artisanal families, the brand also offer a made to measure service.

Where: Milan, Italy

Price: €275.00–€460.00


Luino vegan footwear

Luino, €295.40 Nemanti nemanti.com


4. Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme are a London-based ethical footwear brand that work with Portuguese artisans. All footwear is handmade in Portugal using vegan leathers.  Founded in 2005 by ex-podiatrist and vegan Alicia Lai, the site originally started out as an online marketplace for vegan accessories.

Where: London, UK

Price: £137.00–£245.00


Matilda Burgundy vegan footwear

Matilda Burgundy, £135.00 Bourgeois Boheme bboheme.com



RAFA is a new vegan footwear brand based in LA and work with a group of 20 local artisans. Known for their bold colours and classic shapes RAFA produce products on a made-to-order basis with a turnaround time of approximately two weeks.

Where: Los Angeles, US

Price: $300.00–$650.00


Stick Boot - Ruby vegan footwear

Stick Boot – Ruby, $650.00 Rafa rafausa.com


6. Cri de Coeur  

Cri de Coeur is a New York City-based brand by designers Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow. The pair met whilst studying at the prestigious Parson’s New School of Design and teamed up to create a trendy, affordable vegan brand. Founded in 2008, the brand focuses on design-led, colourful styles.

Where: New York, US

Price: $30.00–$90.00


Arden Wohl x CDC Cleveland Oxford Stiletto vegan footwear

Arden Wohl x CDC Cleveland Oxford Stiletto – brown, $65.00 Cri de Coeur cridecoeur.com

7. Susi Studio

LA-based Bianca Moran discovered Veganism when she was only 14 years old. Not only does she own Susi Studio — a vegan footwear brand — but in 2015 she also opened SUSI Restaurant in the Philippines making it the first gluten-free, vegan eatery in the country.

Where: Los Angeles, US

Price: $115.00–$135.00


susi studio vegan footwear

Margaret, $135.00 Susi susistudio.com


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