8 Christmas Gifts Perfect for the Music Lover in your Life

Long gone are the days when I would stay awake all night, in anticipation of what lied beneath that glittery green tree. The magic of Christmas, for me, lies more in the giving of presents. Especially when the gift is from one music lover to another. The rush I get when I buy records for myself cannot compare to the feeling you get when buying music for a friend or loved one. It’s like ‘right I have the aux cord now I better not fuck this up…’

Should I spend £30 and get Pete that special edition SBTRKT Vinyl, Or Buy Emily some I love Pablo merch? Decisions, decisions, decisions! It can all be rather overwhelming, so we have put together a short, yet sweet list of gifts that would knock the Santa socks off whomever is so lucky to receive them. Now stop reading this and get buying.

1. The Equipment Nerd

They have the latest version of Logic, they know what a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 is, and don’t get them started on the state of plug-in’s. This breed of music lover might need a break from the studio. Tempt them with a gig from the Dice app. They always have great deals on tons of shows. Plus, No booking fee! #Winning.

Get tickets here

2. Teenage Music Lovers

The Youth of today seem to have everything at touch of a button, or a swipe on a screen. Why not give them the pleasure of free music for a few months or even a year. Now they can soundtrack all the Instagram liking without having to leave the app itself. I suggest throwing in a few personally curated playlists, we all need to know our James Blake’s from our Jeff Buckley’s.

Spotify have a Deal going until the 31st of December

3 months of Premium for £0.99 – here

3. What to get a Musical Taste Maker

We all have that one friend who is always up-to-date with the music world. They have the latest 45’s from the newest and freshest pop-up record label, started by a group of old Uni mates in Lewisham. They know who Jamie Isaac is, and they despise Anything top 40. They Claim to not like the Weeknd, because he is too commercial, trust me buy them Starboy. They will thank you in time. Plus, the cover art is beautiful.

Price £20-£30 – here

4. If Money is no Object

How about gifting your secret Santa one of the best DAW’s on the market? Give them the power to produce and record their own music in the highest quality. Guaranteed mates for life!

Price- £400-£500 – here

5. Book Lovers

You can’t go wrong with a good book, especially if that book has a musical flavour. Brighten up someone’s coffee table, and mind, with this illustrative treat. Take a look back at some of music’s cult artists from Bowie to the Beastie Boys.

Price- £15+ – here

6. The Sweet Tooth

Chocolate and Music, a marriage made in heaven. This potential gift is sweet enough to satisfy any budding Augustus Gloop. But also show that you know them well enough to pick out confectionary that you can even personalise. Merry Christmas Ya filthy animal!

Price- £20-25 – here

7. £10 and Under

Bring back the 80’s without breaking the bank. These Themed Placemats might just make you want to reach for your spandex whilst listing to Prince and eating a T.V dinner. Results may vary.

Price- £7.55 – here

8. Quirky

Having a piece of musical history right with you all the time is a tempting thought. Not only can it serve as a reminder of what your passionate about, but it also makes for one cool item of jewellery. Recommended for Boys and Girls in the band types.

Price-£23 – here

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