A Beginners Guide to Gathering the Ultimate Tools for a Camping Trip

Going camping is one of the most exciting things to do. The image of you, your family and your friends sat around a fire roasting marshmallows and looking up at the starry sky. It really is a wonderful time to make memories and bond. And It gets all the more exciting as you start packing and looking up your checklist to ensure you have everything in place. Getting an exceptional experience depends entirely on you, what tent you take, what equipment you use and of course, what company you take with you! While making your camping checklist, there are certain things that the camping fledgling needs to think about and include. Here are our top tools to think about if you’re planning your first camping trip:


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Camping Tents


Tents are the most important thing to think about when going camping. They really can be the difference between an enjoyable or nightmare camping experience. Spending time in nature is definitely the best way to connect with yourself and loved ones. You get unforgettable night time experiences when you make the right choice when it comes to tents. You can choose from backpacking tents, family tents and inflatable tents. These tents are light, portable and perfect for the novice camper! This will make your tent transportation easy and fun. Moreover, they are often more simple to set up so you can actually enjoy putting them up. You can find some great beginners tent options at great prices using these voucher codes from Blacks. So not only will you have the perfect beginners tent, but you’ll save money as well.


Sleeping equipment


The nights are usually very interesting. You need to think of everything from sleeping bags, sleeping liners, pillows, blow up beds and much more. Depending on the number of people going camping, you can buy your bedding based size of your party. Your nights will be both restful and comfortable if you invest in the right sleeping equipment. Here is our low down of what you’ll need:


  • Blow up Bed: One of the comfiest ways to sleep while camping is by using a blow up bed. They are easy to transport and will give the novice camper a much more comfortable sleep! Just don’t forget to bring a pump to blow it up with!
  • Sleeping Bag: Getting a sleeping bag is an important aspect of camping. You’d be surprised at how cold a tent can get in the early hours of the morning. Remember the better the quality, the more camping trips you’ll get out of it!
  • Pillows: It can be really hard to sleep without a pillow, and many people just stick to using their camping bag instead. But as a beginner to camping, we would suggest that you take a pillow with you. A blow up pillow works really well. Much better than propping yourself up with a lumpy camping bag!


Camping Chairs and Stools


The evenings are usually relaxing, especially when you tell stories at the bonfire and reminisce about stories from your childhood. What makes them even more relaxing is having something to sit on that isnt the wet grass or mud! However camping chairs can be a little expensive. So if you are a beginner then it is well worth checking out some online voucher codes to keep the cost down. Sites Such as My Favourite Voucher Codes can really help you bring the cost of your first camping trip down! Getting foldable chairs is your best bet, these are the most comfortable option that will make eating and storytelling more enjoyable. For the best designs in these essential tools, there are three collections and brands at Blacks you could select from. These are Coleman, Outwell and Vango camping chair collections.


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Rucksacks and bags


When deciding on your luggage option you have to think about your mobility. Being able to travel long and short distances with your gear will make your journey a lot easier. Shopping the right rucksacks and bags will make your packing and unpacking easy. Most of all, transportation is much easier when you have all luggage on your back or shoulder. No one wants to be trekking through a muddy field with a suitcase.  So make sure you pick a large bag with plenty of room for your camping gear!


Take advantage of our hints and tips and start getting all of your tools together and planning the ultimate camping trip. Just remember to always consider your luggage options, take some camping chairs, pack your sleeping equipment and decide what tent to take with you. May your most difficult decision be where best to pitch up!

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