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‘New Year – new you’ is a phrase spiralling across the globe featuring resolutions and goals that involve a lot of work and some heavy spending. Why not improve your health and body without breaking the bank; here’s to a better us with Better You.

Natural and award-winning, Better You is a company that specialises in supplementing key nutrients that our ever changing lifestyles might be missing. Magnesium in particular, is known to be lacking in ‘Western’ diets.

With their magnesium range now 25% off, here are a few of their key products to try:


Magnesium Flakes and Body Butter



Better YouBetter You


Our contributing writer Emma, gave these items both a 5/5 rating. The flakes offer a relaxing, indulgent body or foot bath. Inside is magnesium which absorbs directly through your skin, replenishing your levels which may have been lost through exercise or the pressures of modern life.

The body butter meanwhile, contains skin-kind ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. Mixed with magnesium oil, this butter is intensely nourishing.

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Price: Magnesium Flakes: £3.49 – Currently £2.62

Magnesium Body Butter: £9.95 – Currently £7.46


Magnesium Body Lotion


Better You


A lighter version of the Body Butter, this lotion also helps promote healthy, glowy skin with a light-weight texture for fast absorbing.



Moisturising is usually a chore in the morning and it tends to slow down my entire routine. What impresses me most about this lotion is how quickly it soaked into my skin. Moreover, a little goes a long way. Afterwards, I experienced no greasiness.

The result was a much smoother surface which had me almost wanting to stroke my arms. With more usage, I believe that I could notice an increase in radiance.


Magnesium Skin Body Lotion: £9.95 – Currently £7.46


Magnesium Oil

Better YouThere are 5 Magnesium Oils that each contains their own benefits. These include: sensitivity, joint pain, recovery, aid to natural sleep and muscle relaxation.

I tried their Original Spray which is their strongest and purest Magnesium Oil. It provides the ultimate way to replenish. In addition, it’s scientifically proven to raise magnesium levels faster than traditional tablets and capsules.



The packaging does warn me that I may experience a slight tingling sensation on the initial application. This may indicate low magnesium levels and is the result of the high speed absorption through the pores.

I did feel a strong sensation that was somewhat itchy. It felt irritating for a few minutes. Better You does inform that the tingling will pass with regular use.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised at the drying time. I didn’t feel the need to use a towel after or to overly massage in. The oil is incredibly relaxing. It does however, make me feel a little tired.

I would suggest using before bed as a natural sleeping stimulant.


Magnesium Oil Original: £12.20 – Currently £9.15


Overall conclusion

Better You has formulated a range that offers a vitamin without oral use. With all the supplements and tablets on the market, it’s nice that you can put something natural on the outside of your body and still receive results.

The smell with each item is not over-powering and is quite subtle.

I have enjoyed reviewing and will happily stick to a couple of the Magnesium range to use in the long-term.


Good to know:


  • Product safety, content levels and active absorption are all independently tested for every single line they produce.
  • Better You has developed a great working relationship with many health institutions and universities.
  • They support the vegetarian society and are cruelty free.


Disclaimer: Prices are correct to our knowledge at the time of publishing. We hold no responsibility for any incorrections that may occur.

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