REVIEW: Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution


Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution

Price: £48.00

Stockists: Amazon, Time Bomb


  • The packaging and product vessel are very calm and chic looking. A neutral shade of green – eau de nil for those that like colour names! – in a smooth cardboard box and smooth plastic tube. So it’s all very attractive and tactile.
  • The serum is delivered in small doses but you decide how much to put on.
  • It is often on offer on QVC in kits with other products.


  • There are a lot of retinol serum products out there and this is in the middle of the price bracket.
  • As it is not sold in regular stores you would not know about it unless you watch the shopping channel QVC.


As a virtually unknown brand I would like to see more information about the background of the development of this brand. It is marketed very well on the TV to the target audience of women who are ageing. Probably those over 55 as Lulu is the spokes person: she appeals to those who remember her career as a singer.

They Say:

Time Bomb is aimed at women who hope to stop the clock.  Your skin’s ability to absorb key, health sustaining vitamins diminishes with age. This nightly skin supplement delivers a direct infusion of vital nutrients to ensure your complexion stays smooth, tight and bright. Using the products from this range you should see results in two weeks. ABC Vitamin Solution is used to boost elasticity and firmness. To brighten and enliven the skin. Refines texture and improves tone and reduces red and roughened skin patches. As we age our ability to absorb ingredients diminishes so putting this serum on at night in such a concentrated dose (for non prescribed retinol) should help the above situations.

We Say:

ABC serum promises a lot of things with a good mix of ingredients. Obviously Vitamins A B and C. Vitamin A1 is also known as retinol which is backed up here by the inclusion of the antioxidant Bakuchiol. I have found that Bakuchiol is extracted from the seeds of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant. No, not heard of it before but always delighted to see another natural ingredient making it to the market place.
It acts like retinol without side effects such as itching and irritation. More excitingly it does not make the skin photosensitive so it can be used during the day. Limited studies have found that after 12 weeks of applying twice a day significant anti-ageing improvements were noted. So not conclusive yet but part of the way there.

I have used this serum at night for about a month now and have not seen much improvement and I did break out a bit around my mouth. It may be that this product is not for me.
The serum went on fine and absorbed straight away. It is in a pink hue so you can see where you are putting it which is a great idea. After all this time I am sorry to see no improvement as I was very hopeful after reading the hype.
It is interesting the originator of this range is Gail Federici who was the business partner of John Frieda a hairdresser who was formerly married to Lulu. Gail and John had a range of hair products that did well and won awards so it made sense to branch into skin care.


It did moisturise my skin but did not do what it was supposed to do. 2 stars


Very nice all around in a calm slightly old fashioned way. 3.5 stars

Value for money:

If a product makes no difference and cost this much it’s disappointing. 1 star

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