Absolute Collagen

Absolute Collagen

Absolute Collagen

Price: £29.99 (14 x 10g daily dose supplements)
Stockists: absolutecollagen.com

They say

Drinkable skincare. Our formula contains the most collagen in the smallest dose at the lowest possible price with the minimum amount of fuss. It contains the same high grade collagen found in all the leading brands worldwide:

8g of high grade collagen per serving; Infused with Vitamin C; High in protein; More collagen per serving than other brands; Less than half the cost of other brands; Manufactured and packed in the UK; Free from lactose, gluten and dairy; and No artificial flavours, colours or added sugar


We say

Absolute collagen has been a joy. Ingestible beauty products are new to me. After a month of regular intake I can wash my hair, not brush it and it falls straight. My nails are looking amazing and as fast as I file them down, back they come. My skin is “fuller” looking and the tiresome wrinkles on my lower cheeks around about the “teeth line” have diminished. I keep checking in the mirror to see if I am hallucinating.

I love the packaging. It says the results all over the cover. Glowing, healthy and slick. So much nicer than a brown plastic bottle of pills! You do not have to keep it in the fridge or the dark.

I tried the first sachet on its own and it was too bitter for me so I do mix it with the same amount of water and it’s fine.   I noticed one day that the sachet I had put in my pocket, so I would remember to take it, had heated up with my body heat and when I squeezed it out into my glass nearly a third as much came out than when I took the sachet cold out of the box.  This makes sense as its quite viscous in texture. The heat allowed the amount adhering to the sachet to be released. In the same way as if you heat your moisturiser between your hands before applying it goes a lot further and glides on further than a cold gloop of moisturiser would. By the way, that is the same for lotions so start doing it and save some money!

Wish I had discovered this earlier on but still the results have been phenomenal.  Our skin starts to lose collagen quite early in life so I would recommend taking it whatever your age. It’s a big dose of collagen in a cute tiny sachet. Vitamin C is also blended in to work with the collagen to help with skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal.  You can only buy it online at the dedicated Absolute Collagen site and can choose to have it on auto delivery every 14 days. No problem to pause or cancel if you fancy it. All in all this is a winner for me and I implore you to give it a go at least for the two weeks which is all you need to be hooked.


Fabulous. Perfectly draws in the customer and is slick and chic


Well, yes! It creeps up on you and then you suddenly see the difference to skin texture hair and nails.

Value for Money

Excellent. You can spend as much on less effective pills with lower doses.

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Absolute Collagen

Beauty box (14 x 10ml daily collagen supplements), £29.99 Absolute Collagen absolutecollagen.com



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