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The best products for a body detox after the all-you-can-eat-and-drink holidays. The next best thing after exercise and diet! Or really, just another way to pamper yourself.

BOD Body On Demand 20 Min Detox Bath Prep | £11,99 at Asos or

What they say:”Adding BOD Salts to your bath helps drive out sweat and toxins through diffusion, a process which naturally happens when your body is submerged in hot and highly concentrated solutions. Dependent on each individual, you can eliminate anything up to 3lbs of unnecessary water retention from your bod in just one 20-minute bath!” What we sayI’m very much a shower person, but like to enjoy a good bath a couple of times a month, so I totally forgot to check for any lbs lost, as I was way too relaxed after my bath and feeling very refreshed and renewed. Requires some seriously hot water, which work just fine for me, and the activated charcoal leaves your bath water an awesome shade of black with shimmering silver sparkles that cling to your skin. Unfortunately, it also clings to your bath tub, so expect some clean up after! The other downside for me is the packs are single use, so it’s definitely a post-holidays-excess or pre-important-affair treat rather than a more regular thing for me! But oh it’s so totally worth it!

BOD Body On Demand Body Prep Scrub With Brown Sugar, Honey and Gold Flakes! | £12,99 at Asos or

Nothing like a good scrub to feel anew! Specially when you’re left feeling like a fairy goddess in gold glittery skin. They say “Babe, there is no sexier sensation than when your body just feels and smells amazing. So, we created BOD prep scrubs to rid us of dead, dry skin. Formulated with exfoliating brown sugar and honey, a match made in BOD Babe heaven to leave your skin stunningly soft. For ultimate Sexy AF skin, remember to work it babe, till only glitter remains.” We say sugar and honey are a powerful combination for seriously smooth and nourished skin. Work it on problem areas with a massage glove or scrub brush (remember to soften your touch if you do, the point isn’t to scrub your skin raw) for seriously soft skin that’s ready for your body moisturiser. Keep the theme and make it a glittery one.

Natures Alchemist Balancing Bircher Scrub | £7,99 at Superdrug

Formulated with Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties that work to help brighten skin, whilst Agave helps restore and draw in moisture.” The citrus and ginger scent was enough to draw me in. Coconut oil to nourish and the plus note of using pecan powder to exfoliate instead of artificial beads make it a firm winner of a spot in my bath tub!

Bean Body Coffee Scrubs in Peppermint and Coconut | £14,95 each at Holland & Barrett 

Caffeine for the detox rescue! It’s proven that caffeine utilised topically is calming and soothing for the skin. Add the coconut oil for nourishing and the sea salt for exfoliation and you have a winning combination. And I do love a good salt scrub. They claim that “Bean Body coffee body scrub is tough enough to improve your skin imperfections, yet its all-natural goodness nourishes your skin to leave the treated area feeling softer and smoother than ever”.

Rituals Hammam Sea Salt Hot Scrub, Purifying Body Mud and Ultra Hydrating Black Soap | From £8.50 to £19.50 at Rituals

I’ve been an avid user for years and these three little products do really work better together! The black soap clings to the skin and helps the scrub in the exfoliating process, the ginger in the scrub gives you a nice warming and revitalising feeling and the mud helps to draw out toxins and impurities. And they smell amazing, the eucalyptus just helps clear your airways and makes you feel like you’re truly in a Hammam Spa. Minus the man handling.

Skin 689 Body Range – Firm Skin Upper Arms, Firm skin Neck and Decolleté and Creme Anti-Cellulite | From £34.50 to £49 at skin689

So, the claims are that the exclusive ingredients help with collagen production, which in turn will help to firm the skin, giving you visibly smoother, toned skin. I’ve been testing the products and will be posting a full review soon, once there’s been more time to verify the results, but so far, so good. They are quickly absorbed, smell amazing and my skin feels silky smooth. Yes, we know there are no miracles and no real substitute to exercise and a healthy diet, but hey, every little helps, right?


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