An Ode to Denim: Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Denim. We love it. Denim is one of the most celebrated and timeless fabrics around. It has been in existence since time immemorial and unless a superior replacement is found, it’s bound to be around for an infinite time. Since the fabric is dependable, all that one needs to do is find the perfect fit for you. Once this desirable denim piece has been found you can then team it up with other pieces to achieve a perfect ensemble. Denim really is a classic fashion piece that one can wear on all occasions. And, finding your perfect fit has never been easier with these hints and tips!


denim jeans
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How to avoid denim distress


Us ladies often go through a phase of denim distress. Sometimes finding the right cut, shape and fitting can seem like a nightmare. But there are a few tips that we can give you on finding your dream denim look. There are many styles available on the market, and we’ve decided to hone in on the most popular styles to give you a good chance of finding your ultimate look and avoiding that denim distress!


Knowing what style suits your body


It doesn’t matter whether you want to flaunt your figure or keep it simple. To achieve it all, the trick lies in finding the right fit for you. Us women often become attached to certain parts of our bodies. There are those of us who love high waisted or ripped jeans and others who simply love to have the traditionally fitted flare. Really pay attention to your preferences. There is a reason you like them so much; because they make you look good. So the first step is complete. The styles that suit you lie in the background of your buying preferences. Think about your usual buy and apply that to future purchases.


Top Tip: By knowing what best merges with your body you won’t  even need to take a lot of time moving from store to store in search of different denim cuts. You can simply shop from a leading online store such as Joules. This will save you time as you can get your picks delivered to your doorsteps. Plus you can make use of online discounts and use Joules promo codes to save you money too.


What types of denim jeans can you choose from?


Finding the right pair of jeans really is a woman’s prerogative. Use our handy list below and see which body shapes suite which style of jeans!


Skinny jeans:

If you love showing off those long legs, then the skinny jean is the perfect fit for you. Versatile for whatever event or occasion is coming up in your life and having the effect of lengthening those legs, these jeans really are a great option. In fact, they can be worn with any type of heel to add to that length.

Top Tip: Invest in a handy pair of black jeans to add to the slimming effect of the skinny fit.


Boyfriend jeans

Do you love to flaunt your beautiful waistline in beautiful denim styles? Then the boyfriend jean is the perfect jean for you. Ripped to add relaxed class and casual glamour, the boyfriend jean is an oversized jeans option that is worn low on the hip for a relaxed look. These denims are perfect for petite woman and can also been found in a high waisted range!

Top Tip: Pair your jeans with a chunky belt to add a more tomboy effect to the outfit.


The Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are a great way to give your body shape. If you are particularly conscious of a lack of shape in yourself then these jeans are a great option. They usually bring you in at the thigh and waist and give way to a outward flare towards the floor. This style really accentuates an hour-glass shape and is sure to leave you feeling confident!


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How to save money on your perfect denim pieces


Are you looking forward to getting those denim pieces from your favourite brand? Having found the perfect style and look, you can now start thinking about actually buying your new look! To get the most affordable denim option on top brands it is well worth taking a look at online Discount Promo Codes. There are plenty of great denim deals to be found. So not only will you look fabulous in your perfect jeans, but you will save money too!


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