REVIEW: Angela Langford Spice of Life Toning Body Scrub

Angela Langford Spice of life Toning Body Scrub

Angela Langford Spice of Life Toning Body Scrub (lemongrass, ginger & sea salt)

Price: £20.00


They say

Angela says… “Great for all except the very sensitive, this luxurious body scrub has sea salt marinading in nourishing butters & invigorating essential oils. A perfect recipe for silky, soft skin.”

Exotic essential oils of lemongrass & ginger are folded into generous quantities of sea salt grains, skin softening rice bran & nourishing avocado.

We say

Angela Langford has some super stuff on her website and also pops in a few sample sizes so you can try products before buying. This is a good idea as you can only buy from the website – so no chance to smell or feel textures beforehand. The prices are not out of reach but are considered for an untried and unseen product.

I tried the Spice of Life toning body scrub which smelt amazing and was really uplifting to use. Not a lot of product and I would have used it up in about five applications if I do my whole body. So, going forward will ration it to arms, legs and décolletage to make it go further.

The toning scrub polished my body very well and moisturised. Sea salt is amazing on its own so if you add in some spices and citrus notes along with some warming ginger, pepper and cardamom then you have a heady aroma and a warming after glow.

Make sure to stir the mix around (with your finger) before taking a handful or you will use up the liquid element too fast. Massage up the body in large circles to make the most of increasing the circulation. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.  You will need hardly any body lotion after using this scrub.

The hot chocolate recipe was included as it mirrors some of the ingredients from the scrub. I was excited to see mandarin on the list as it is woefully underused and has a special taste and colour that is luxurious and comforting. I confess that I found the colour of the font on the packaging a bit faint and hard to read.  All in all the website looks like it has a lovely range of items for presents and treats and indulgences but too pricey for everyday.  However, I would be delighted to both give or receive any product Angela makes as a gift.


Pleasant and calm but nothing popped so maybe a bit of brightening up would be good.


Super effective and does a very nice job leaving the skin smooth and moisturised.

Value for Money

Compared to high street brands not terrific but this is an almost bespoke range that is sticking to its guns quality wise and someone has to!

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Angela Langford Spice of life Toning Body Scrub

Spice of life toning body scrub, £20.00 Angela Langford

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