We chart Angelina Jolie’s style transformation

Transformation Tuesday: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been on our screens since a very young age so it is quite understandable that her style evolution happened right in front of our eyes. Although the actress is beautiful some of her style choices haven’t been as gorgeous as she is!  Thankfully, after a certain point her style became as elegant as she is and we’re always waiting for her next look. We can never forget how Angelina made the leg pose popular back in 2012.


She has appeared in many roles like an agent in Salt or Mrs. Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She has even been Maleficent making our favourite fairytale come to life. From a teen to a young woman we’ve seen all sides of Angelina Jolie. Not just an actress but an activist, Angelina works to help refugees in many countries. This week our Transformation Tuesday star is Angelina Jolie, she is a style icon everyone looks up to now, but check her style when she was trying to find her own aesthetic.


angelina jolie style transformation


Check out Angelina Jolie at 19. She looks very rebellious with these leather pants and dark lips. The actress looks very casual yet keeps the punky vibes. Angelina shows that she was a style icon way back then with her leather trends that is a trend of all times.


angelina jolie style transformation


The actress is attending the CableACE awards in 1999. Angelina is wearing a velvet cape! Yes a cape! Maybe she was anticipating her role as maleficent more than a decade before.


angelina jolie style transformation


Angelina Jolie attends the Screen Actors Guild Awards with a short blonde cut in 1999. We’re guessing it was a little styling mistake as her long brown locks fit her the best. The actress seems to be channelling a Marilyn Monroe vibe in her own way.


angelina jolie style transformation


Angelina is back to black from head to toe. Wearing Versace in the Academy Awards the actress seems to be in a very dark mood as even her hair is pitch black.


angelina jolie style transformation


This look is understandable as she was playing Tomb Raider, so we’re giving her a pass with this one. But it still seems like Angelina is all for the leather pants.


angelina jolie style transformation


Leaping at 2007 we see a much more elegant Angelina Jolie. The grey gown couldn’t be any gorgeous than on Angelina Jolie. The pair looks impecable at the Golden Globes and it is much due to Angelina’s graceful look.


angelina jolie style transformation


This pose has become an icon and we couldn’t let it pass. Angelina wears a black gown with red lips and we can’t stop looking at how gorgeous she appears. Angelina Jolie marked the 2012 Oscars with her dress and pose and this became an outfit no one forgot.


angelina jolie style transformation


Angelina Jolie was wearing the tux way before it became popular now. She nails the smoking suit in the BAFTA awards with this look. We’re guessing Angelina is one of the woman who can look even sexier with a suit than with a dress.


angelina jolie style transformation


The actress opts for a little black dress and no accessories. She uses her natural glow so she doesn’t need anything else to top that.


angelina jolie style transformation


Angelina looks very smart in this blue dress at United Nations. The actress seems to have found her style in classic cut dresses instead of the leather looks from her earlier years.

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