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I’ve been an advocate for reed diffusers and candles as opposed to sprays for a long time. I prefer to use incense to meditate, paint or when doing yoga, as it provides a different mood. Granted, times have changed, and most sprays nowadays aren’t as harmful to the environment and artificially smelling as before.

Having said that, when it comes to choosing my home fragrance and bath products, I tend to stick to my same old favorites. Be it because they deliver on their promises in regards to fragrance quality and durability – I definitely know I’m getting my money’s worth – or because I already know which fragrances affect my mood in each way, I don’t stray to much.

Which doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try something new on occasion. I never know, they might become my next favourite thing.

Here are my favourites, old and new, for mood enhancing at home.

To Relax and Unwind

The Chapel Mellifera Scented Candle reminds me of warm Summer evenings when the fields are still in blooms and you can smell the green and the flowers and hear the buzz of bees flying around. With notes like new moan hay, blackcurrant, rose, honey and vanilla, you’ll drift into a blissfully relaxed time once the scent spreads around your home.



Mellifera Scented Candle, £55.00 The Chapel


Sandalwood is a wonderfully relaxing scent and I love incense for when I’m practising my yoga or meditating. The Rex London Incense sticks come beautifully presented and include the holder, in case you don’t already have one.



Sandalwood Handcrafted Incense In a Tin (50 Sticks), £4.95 REX LONDON at


Aromatherapy Associates has a wealth of scents to choose from for all your aromatherapy needs. The Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil is an absolute dream with its notes of Vetivert, Camomile and Sandalwood to soothe, calm and comfort you body and mind. Switch off the day with this wonderful scent.



Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil, £49.00 Aromatherapy Associates


To Uplift and Energise

The Erbario Toscano reed diffuser in Primavea Toscana has a beautifully soft and uplifting citrus scent, reminiscent of the original cologne with a hint of baby powder. The orange blossom and wild herbs notes lend it a springtime freshness, ideal to uplift and energise your mood. Perfect for the bathroom so it’s the first thing you smell in the morning when you step in for your shower. If you’d prefer a more soothing scent, read our review here for their Sandalwood diffuser.



Primavera Toscana Reed Diffuser, £24.99 ERBARIO TOSCANO at


Orange and cinnamon always evokes a bit of a Christmas-y tone, but this gorgeous candle is subtle and wonderfully uplifting without a hint of cloves in sight.



Orange & Cinnamon Scented Apothecary Candle No2, £8.95 dotcomgiftshop


Sweet pineapple and honey melon give you a fruity, sweet boost of energy to kick start your day and the wonderfully soft oil nourishes your skin like a dream, leaving it silky smooth.



Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Hydrating Bath & Body Oil, £19.99 Hempz


To Purify and Cleanse

This luxuriously fresh green scent leaves the air in your home smelling clean and light. Without overpowering your senses, you’ll be able to feel the fragrance as soon as you step into the room. Great to keep in the common areas of the house where there is a lot of traffic or the air tends to become heavier when the heating gets turned on.



Green Cardamom Private Collection Fragrance Sticks, £42.50 Rituals


Lime and bay leaf take you away to deserted beaches with summer blooms growing in the dunes. It’s soft and subtle and oh so effective at keeping the atmosphere around you light and purified.



Desert In Bloom Scented Soy Candle, £9.95 dotcomgiftshop


Boasts of keeping dust mites at bay. Don’t now about that, but it definitely keeps the air around you fresher and cleaner for longer. The blend of essential oils not only helps purify the air, but it’s great to aid sleep. Read our full review here.



Purifying + Sleep 2-in-1 Spray, £14.95 OLIOSEPTIL at


For Romance

Japanese Rose, wheat protein and aloe vera will nourish, soothe and fragrance your skin in this delectable duo. The shower gel feels like honey on your skin and the scent is sweet and soft. And the body milk sinks into the skin leaving feeling silky smooth and delicately fragranced.



Japanese Rose Shower Gel and Body Milk, £8.00 – £10.00 respectively KORRES at




The warm, woody, sensual scents of amber and frankincense are sure to help you enhance the romantic mood. Perfect to keep in your room for an always warm and sexy atmosphere or anywhere you want to lend a more intimate ambiance to.



Amber & Frankincense Candle, £17.00 Monsoon Home


To De-Stress

This aromatic tea candle is blended with fresh green fig and spicy white pepper for a deeply relaxing experience. Great to light on those extra-special days before a big presentation to help keep you relaxed. Or after, to unwind from the day.


Darjeeling Tea & Fig Scented Candle, £24.00 Mini Moderns


The combination of lavender, orange blossom and thyme make these incense sticks a perfect de-stressing aid. Ideal if you’re planning a stress reducing meditation or just a relaxing bubble bath.



Stress Relief Incense Sticks, £6.50 Stamford at


The tranquil, comforting and deeply relaxing aromas of ylang-ylang and cedarwood combine with the exfoliating power of black vanilla grains for a sumptuous feel. The rich texture and soothing aromas render it a unique refining experience. It is simply divine!


 Ylang-Ylang Comforting Body Polisher, £34.00 Molton Brown


For Restful Sleep

This citrus and lavender combination is perfect to spray around your bedroom while performing your bedtime ritual. It will help you unwind and relax your mind after a long day to help induce a blissful sleep. Read the full review.



Controlled Organic Pillow Spray, £15.95 NUTRI-DERMA at


Lavender, rose geranium, bergamot and cedarwood atlas in a blend of Epsom salt. This delicate, floral bath soak aids muscle and joint recovery post-exercise and relieves tension and tiredness. Great for a night-time bath to help relax an overworked mind and body and induce a peaceful nights’ sleep.


 Relax + Recover Bath Salts, £34.00 for 500gr. Isla Apothecary


French lavender has since long been used as a scent to aid sleeping and relaxation. It’s soothing aroma is combined with lemon, geranium and mint which lend it a freshness that cuts in to the sometimes overpowering smell of the lavender. The result is a scent which is soothing and relaxing for the senses.



Lavender Scented Candle, £25.00 Orla Kiehl at

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