Artist of the Month: Mac Ayres

The Art to Keeping it Short – Mac Ayres: Drive Slow

The freshness of spring is upon us, the days are longer and usually the music in my rotation blends into the delicate and spacy to complement this. I want to talk about an Artist I have been listing to through the tail-end of last summer into Fall/Winter and now well into April.

Mac Ayres combines silky melody and deep Neo soul inspired rhythm to create his own unique hypnotising sound. The perfect soundtrack for a sunny day drive, or those dark long winter nights. The 20-year-old is proving that classic keys and clean voice is still enough to grip and turn the heads of the lustful top 40 or nothing music industry.

His Debut-Drive Slow is a sweet yet sublime 30 min dive into his world, It leaves you wanting more, stand outs include Show me, Lonely and intro. The production is neither overpowering nor under, each track is a slice of perfection that intertwine organically forming a coherent and polished album.

This record feels unmistakably mature for such a young soul, but the depth of Mac’s musicality is undeniable. Do yourself a solid, grab a drink pop this album on and relax, it will not disappoint.


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Mariame Ben-Karoum
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