Are Music Legends a Thing of the Past?

Music literally touches our lives every single day, in almost every way imaginable. If you’ve been to the shop to pick up that extra packet of chocolate buttons (your secret is safe with me), I can guarantee there was some sort of tune playing in the background – you might have even driven there with […]

Drag and the Modern Society

Today’s society is riddled with labels for everything you can possibly think of.  These labels often attempt to define people in the best way they can, which usually results in them being confined. Drag is no stranger to these labels, and the modern society certainly doesn’t hold back when assigning them. I, for one, have […]


The Rise of Homophobia

Homophobia: The Basics Let’s cut directly to the chase; homophobia is something that gay people (both male and female) have had to deal with since the beginning of time. Whether it’s a dirty look in the street when you’re holding your partner’s hand, or a violent encounter with a less-than-accepting acquaintance – it’s here, it’s […]