christmas time - vegan cookbooks feature

Vegan at Christmas Time: Cookbook Ideas

To many non-vegans, the prospect of a vegan Christmas dinner probably sounds dull, tasteless and uninspiring. You’d be forgiven for picturing vegans nibbling on a raw carrot or a slither of plain tofu giving off major Scrooge vibes around the table. We all know that there are very few festivities in the year where healthy […]

9 Goals for an Amazing 2019

The last few months of 2018 are flying by and I am more than excited to be welcoming in the New Year soon. It’s time for a fresh start – a whole 365 days to make my own all over again. Hundreds of days to make new memories, meet new people, dream big and work […]

acaí bowls - vegan in Paris

The Best Vegan Food in Paris: The Guide

For decades, Paris has had a bad reputation for not being a vegan-friendly city. I understand the label; Paris is greatly known for its cuisine of warm buttery baguettes, pastries, meats and cheeses. So, perhaps being a vegan in Paris wouldn’t appeal to people who didn’t know better. Until now. In the last few years, Paris […]

An Honest Talk on Self-Love

Self-love and self-development are so important for everyone’s long-term happiness and growth. But, I’m not here to tell you that you are gorgeous, flawless, and that it’s time to love yourself already. Otherwise, what self-development will you have left to do? Where will you go from here? It’s not that you aren’t all those things. […]

Marriage Certificate - Sexist Wedding Tradition

Is Feminism Affecting Sexist Wedding Traditions?

Today, marriage and relationships between two sexes are the most equal they have been in all history. After reciting their vows, women are now not pressured by society or traditional norms to live their life as that of a housewife. Modern couples have newly found freedom to choose which house-work chores they favour most to do. […]

Gender Differences or Female Inequality?

A long list of ideals have been created for both men and women. These have been reinforced by social and cultural norms. They concern the way that men and women should dress, act and present themselves to the world. Thus, the creation of gender stereotypes . However, are we using the phrase gender differences as an […]