Bali Body: Instagram’s Favourite Natural Self-Tan

The self-tanning industry is an oversaturated market, with many people now opting to make a year-long glow essential. If there is one brand that stands out, it’s Bali Body. Since it’s launch in 2014, it has gone on to become Autralia’s no.1 suncare and skincare range. Offering a slice of sunshine using natural, nourishing ingredients, Bali Body has gained a 1.2 million following on Instagram alone. We discuss exclusively, the best way to achieve radiant skin, and top tips for social branding.


WTYB: What makes Bali Body different from other tanning brands?

Bali Body was specifically formulated for people with sensitive skin, particularly those with eczema.  Co-founder Laura Foley, has always suffered from eczema and developed Bali Body after not being able to find anything that was not only safe enough to use on her skin, but also aspirational and beautiful looking; to be worthy of a place in her beauty bag.


Bali Body

For someone who has not used self-tan before, is there a specific product you recommend they try first?

Bali Body is an entire beauty range with everything from SPF 15 lip balms, to SPF 15 BB creams, moisturising lotions and tanning oils. The Bronzing Lotion is perfect for self-tan novices as it’s super subtle and can be washed off at any time. Enriched with organic caramel extract, it provides an instant bronzed glow that is natural-looking and can be built up to a level of intensity that you’re comfortable with.


What are your top tips for achieving a summer glow?

Our sunless tanning options such as the Bronzing Lotion and the best-selling Shimmering Body Oil are perfect instant options for anyone who needs results without any sunbathing but for those catching the summer sun, the range of tanning oils are all you need. With multiple different options, from a world-first Pineapple Tanning Oil to the Watermelon Tanning Oil which has Watermelon Seed Extract to speed up your tan, all can be layered over your normal SPF and will help you develop a deep and super-intense tan that lasts long after your holiday.

Bali Body

Is there a perfect product to go from day to night?

The Shimmering Body Oil is exactly that, it’s a fast-drying and lightweight oil provides an irresistible glow with subtle hints of bronze and gold shimmer. It makes for the perfect accessory to an evening outfit and is small enough to be tucked into a clutch for evening top ups.


How important has Instagram been in the success of Bali Body?

Super important, our strategy is always evolving, and while we can’t disclose all the secrets, we use a lot of user generated content to promote our brand. We find it’s the best strategy in terms of raising awareness whilst also having the influencers explain how to use the products to their audiences. We usually use images that contain our products, this obviously resonates with our audience, but we also only use high quality images of a luxe, tropical lifestyle which matches our brand perfectly.

Bali Body

What tips can you give for successful branding on social-media, and what’s next for the brand?

The biggest tip would just be to stay true to your brand and your branding and not be too worried about what others are putting out there and what their online strategy and styles are. We’re constantly listening to our audience and what they want to see next from Bali Body, as well as using our own experiences to bring more products to life that we really think our brand fans will love- I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

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