Beautylish: The Ultimate Online Beauty Community

With YouTube-style tutorials, a built-in boutique, specialised forums and diverse features, Beautylish is providing the ultimate online beauty community for experts and beginners alike.
In our digital age, finding tailored and personal beauty information can be difficult. I have found myself sorting through plenty of junk online to find the perfect tutorial, specialised word of advice or detailed review. Beautylish places all of these creative outlets into one place.

It also brings a taste of reality to the digital beauty world (more-so than the aesthetic perfection of Instagram and oligopolized beauty-section of YouTube) by providing advanced search options and filters to access exactly what you want as easily as you online shop.

Think of it as the Google of beauty: There’s even the option to read reviews and forums so in-depth you may not even need to watch a tutorial. In short, you get a specialised but straight-forward site with something for everyone – all you need to bring is a love of beauty and some enthusiasm.

Beautylish was founded in 2012 to provide a “signature experience” for users. The community aspect works hand-in-hand with their boutique: within a few clicks, you can purchase any product exactly where you’ve researched it. The closeness of the beauty boutique to the community section makes the experience inclusive and diverse. It reminds Beautylish users that no matter what your ability or preference, you can easily purchase any product and give your inspired look a go.

Available as both a desktop site and app, Beautylish is for people who don’t just like beauty but want to submerge themselves in the online beauty world and its community. It may take some getting used to, but if you are makeup-minded or looking to take your beauty career to the next stage, it could be your most useful resource yet.

Allow yourself to explore new ways of experimenting with, reviewing and purchasing beauty; who knows, you could even end up giving more to the community than you get… And makeup isn’t as fun when you can’t experiment and share, after all.

Post Author: Josie O'Brien

Josie O'Brien
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