Behind the Scenes: The Producers

The Glue that holds it all together

We always remember the face of a song, they bring in the fans and the fans then bring in the cash that fuels the Music Biz. I like to dig a little deeper.

When hearing a track for the first time, my mind goes a little something like “that beat sounds nice, I wonder who made this…did they use a sample? I am getting a strong 80’ Vibe…’’ On a daily basis that is the internal dialogue I run with myself every time I listen to a song.

Lyrics, flow, sound, style… Let’s throw it all in the bowl mix it up and chuck it into Ableton shall we? The results are more often than not A1. The Producer is the Key, they are the foundation of every great song. Props to the Artists that Write their own lyrics AND produce (or at least consult) their records. It can be hard to pass on your own creative vision for what you want your song to ‘sound’ like to someone else, and expect accuracy. The producer is like the hands of a sculpture, carving out and creating the dialogue/vibe of a track for its audience. Imagine what Hello by Adele would have sounded like if she asked burial to produce it.

It’s a skill, but sometimes simplicity is key. You don’t need to be musical or know how to play an instrument to make a dope beat. Some of the biggest songs in the world revolve around simple cord theory and minimalistic production.

This month’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ I have selected a few of my fave songs/Producers and the stories and processes they go through which reflect the themes I have discussed.

Now go and discover what’s behind the music!


  1. Stromae- Alors On Danse

  1. WondaGurl Produced – Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money

  1. Charlie Heat Produced – Kehlani’s Undercover

  1. The Weekend By SZA Uses a sample from Justin Timberlake

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