Best summer perfumes 2017

Beauty: Summer perfume 2017

I love discovering new fragrances and when I find one that fits it’s just a wonderful feeling! We always tend to switch things up with the scents we wear as the seasons roll over so if you have not already done so, here I share with you some of my favourite summer scents to entice your senses.


best summer perfumes 2017


Summer fragrances for her


I have a little love affair with Rituals and their perfume range is something quite exquisite.  Unique scents in decorative packaging with a signature wooden bottle top on each fragrance that would look lovely on any dresser. This is a light and airy fragrance I love to wear when I’m feeling soft and feminine – scented with Wild Orchid and Himalayan Peony it has got a sharpness to it which is cut through with the soft and heady scent of musk. Pair with florals and a light colour palette for those easy breezy days.


Best summer perfumes 2017

Fleurs De L’Himalaya Eau de Parfum (50ml), £39.00 Rituals


Brought to you by French couture brand Alaïa, this is my firm favourite and my SSF (Signature Summer Fragrance 2017). The design on the bottle itself is simply beautiful. This warm scent wraps you up with warm scents of almond and a smattering of vanilla. Feminine, soft and not too sweet with a powdery factor that is just dreamy. I was sold at almonds.


Best summer perfumes 2017

Eau de Parfum Blanche (30ml), £43.00 ALAÏA PARIS at


This luxurious fragrance is definitely self indulgent and it has a complexity to it as it smells light but yet has a lovely depth at the same time. Fresh notes of gardenia petals, green sap and of course jasmine melt into the deeper base notes of Tonka bean and licorice. It wears beautifully on the skin and as time goes on the warmer notes tend to be more pronounced you won’t be able to resist smelling yourself.


Best summer perfumes 2017

Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum (50ml), £65.00 BVLGARI at


Zara are big on fragrance, everytime I visit a store they have new scents, new packaging, re packaging of old scents it is hard to keep up. But I do always investigate so I can find a small treasure for my handbag staples or a holiday getaway. Zara’s offering of Rose (now in new packaging) is sharp and sweet which grows softer once it sits. Scented with sandalwood blackcurrant and musk it lends itself to the more feminine side and can layer nicely with other scents, for a purse friendly price you can’t go wrong.


Best summer perfumes 2017

Rose Eau de Toilette ,£9.99 (100ml) Zara


There you have it my mix of summer scent staples, perfume is such a personal item and I find we often decide to wear certain scents depending on our moods, feelings and outfits. I hope I have inspired you to go and discover something new, happy spritzing!


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