IT’s Bill Skarsgård is our Man Crush this week

Man Crush Monday: Bill Skarsgård

They say makeup can hide a multitude of sins. However, in actor Bill Skarsgård’s case the exact opposite is more the case. If you are one of the horror fans, like myself, that rushed out last weekend to watch the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT then you may have a hard time placing his face in the film. Stumped? Well, this handsome face was cleverly transformed into that of the grotesque title character of the film IT aka Pennywise the clown.  Kudos to the makeup department on this one.   We’re sure that his convincing portrayal of a demonic clown will open more doors for him (how, we’re not sure – but he was good). And, I’m not afraid to admit that I did have a nightmare after watching it…


Why we love him


Bill Skarsgård


Least likely to…turn down a ‘bad guy’ role. Speaking to Dazed he explains, “I don’t mind villainous parts – I think there’s something to them that makes them more complex and interesting, at least in the sense of ‘good guy, bad guy’. The good guys are usually pretty one-dimensional, where traditionally bad guys are more cunning”.


Bill Skarsgård
Source: Dazed


Impress him with…Louie. Speaking to The Guardian back in 2013 spoke about his obsession with the TV series Louis by comedian Louis CK. He said, “I’m so obsessed by Louie right now. Louis CK is so brilliant and smart and clever and funny and also very bizarre. That show just makes me feel happy because there are no rules; he doesn’t care about continuity or plots making sense or anything like that. I really admire him as an artist.”


Bill Skarsgård
Source: Out


Mention…height. Despite being 6’3″ he is still shorter than his older brothers…I’ll leave you to process that…


Bill Skarsgård


And another thing…Bill has some strong acting pedigree in his blood.  His father and three of his brothers also act.  His father is veteran Swedish actor Stellen Skarsgård whose extensive film credits include Good Will Hunting, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mamma Mia!, Thor, The Avengers and Cinderella.  Which makes his brothers none other than Gustaf Skarsgård  of Vikings and Westworld and Alexander Skarsgård of True Blood and The Legend of Tarzan fame.

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