REVIEW: BLAQ Teeth Whitening Pen

BLAQ Teeth Whitening Pen

BLAQ Teeth Whitening Pen

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They say

If there’s three things you should know about our whitening wand it’s:
1. We’ve taken out the nasties and replaced it with activated charcoal and coconut oil – two natural whitening wonders that swiftly lifts stains and impurities without causing tooth erosion or damaging enamel;
2. You can use it while you scroll, it’s that darn quick and easy, and;
3. This high achiever also kills off bad breath bacteria – Fa-resh!

We say

BLAQ are an Australian skincare brand who have built up their range around one core ingredient, and that ingredient is activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that has been treated to make the surface more porous. Nasties are drawn into these little ‘pores’ and subsequently flushed away with the charcoal particle. It has super detoxifying absorptive properties and has been used for historically as a means of reducing the effects of orally ingested poisons. It has been used more broadly in healthcare since the 1900s and can be found on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.

In terms of dental hygiene, activated charcoal has been used as a natural and safe alternative to fluoride for years as it purports to not only lift stains from the teeth but also to freshen breath.

BLAQ have combined this dental wonder product with another equally revered natural antibacterial cleanser, coconut oil to create this user friendly tooth whitening, breath freshening pen.

Product instructions:

Just like a pen, click the bottom of wand to dispense the gel. Note: If it’s your first time, be patient with the wand and give it a few extra clicks.
Expose your teeth and brush on a thin layer.
Keep your lips from touching your chompers for about a minute (the silly face is totally worth it), until the formula dries.
Relax your lips as normal and try to not indulge in any food, drinks or displays of affection for the next 20 minutes, then rinse.
Use daily for undeniably fresh breath and a mega watt smile.

How did I get on?
The product is a bit slimey for want of another, nicer word so I did find it pretty tricky to get it to adhere to my teeth at first. I soon learned that it went on better if I kind of ‘dried’ my teeth first.
It tastes mildly minty and apart from being grey, is utterly inoffensive. I very quickly became fond of my tooth brushing ritual! You only need to pull a funny face for a minute or so until the formula dries so it’s no biggy.

I would suggest doing the treatment at bedtime as that way there is less chance of you accidentally eating or drinking anything after you’ve applied the gel. Wash. Brush teeth. Pjs on. Use the BLAQ Teeth Whitening Pen. Briefly pull funny face. Get into bed. Read for 20 minutes. Get up, rinse your mouth.  Have a last before sleep wee and off to sleep you go safe in the knowledge that whilst you sleep, no nasties are gathering around your gums for a night out (in your mouth).

I suffer from sensitive teeth and gums and so have been apprehensive about using teeth whitening products in the past but with great relief, I can tell you that the BLAQ tooth whitening formula did not aggravate the situation at all. In actual fact, over time, both activated charcoal and coconut oil are reported to strengthen and support both gum health and tooth enamel.

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BLAQ Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth Whitening Wand, £14.95 BLAQ

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