We Try You Buy: Grace Cole Radiance Body Scrub & Luxurious Body Butter

Radiance Body Scrub

Grace Cole Radiance Body Scrub & Luxurious Body Butter (Vanilla Blush & Peony)

Price: £7.00 (225 g)  each
Stockists: gracecole.co.uk

They say: (Radiance Body Scrub) Gently buffs to reveal smooth, radiant skin in a delicate fragrance that lingers throughout the day. (Luxurious Body Butter) Luxurious body butter for gorgeously glowing and lightly fragranced skin.

We say: Grace Cole has a good site and good images but not being able to smell the products is rather off putting. Which is a shame as the Radiance Body Scrub really did give a radiant appearance and the body lotion was very saturating and both had a fragrance that was wonderful. Like a very expensive hotel bathroom!

The colouring of the packaging was very luxurious and attractive. In the scrub which is more of a polish there were rice germ powder and sweet almond shell powder acting as the exfoliating ingredients which were truly polishing and not at all rough. The scrub contains Sweet almond oil which is fantastic for moisturising the skin and improves absorption without blocking the pores as well as dealing with dullness thanks to its content of Vitamin E and fatty acids.

The scrub did not slid away off the skin and was similar to a body lotion in texture. Not oily or overly thick in any way but I felt very moisturised and swept clean afterwards.

This body lotion contains shea butter, the golden girl of moisturising, sweet almond oil with all its wonderful properties and grape for an extra boost. The oils and seeds from grapes provide intense hydration and nourishment while gliding over the skin. Massaging it in well will improve circulation and give you a nice glow.
A smooth and silky result that was not sticky or gloopy but felt it was getting the job done. They use the words subtly scented and it is exactly that: a back ground note that lingers but will not over power your perfume if you are heading out straight away. A nice layering effect. the price was excellent value for money and I am for sure going to try out some of the other scents even if it means buying them without smelling them!

Both would make a lovely hostess gift or present for any woman regardless of age as the scent is so subtle and chic. There are lots of this kind of thing to choose from but I recommend giving this a go.


Radiance Body Scrub

Radiance body scrub, £7.00 each (available in 8 scents) Grace Cole gracecole.co.uk


Grace Cole

Luxurious body butter, £7.00 each (available in 8 scents) Grace Cole gracecole.co.uk

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