We Try You Buy: Montague Jeunesse 7th Heaven Spa Soften Sock Masque

We Try You Buy: Montague Jeunesse 7th Heaven Spa Soften Sock Masque


3 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Value for money


4 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Easy to use
    Easy to dispose of after use
    Can be slipped into a side pocket of a handbag and used anywhere
    Great results

  • Cons:

    Instructions were brief
    Way too much tiny writing saying not very much at all

  • Conclusion:

    A nice easy foot treatment that does exactly what is says on the packet. I like the philosophy of the company and their approach. Anyone can find time to sit down for 15 minutes so it is easy to add into your routine. Everything you need is in the packet without mixing or finding special towels.

soften sock masque


Montague Jeunesse 7th Heaven Spa Soften Sock Masque

Price: £3.99 (RRP)
Stockists: Amazon, Asda, Boots, Ocado, Morrisons…

They say: Ultra-softening foot bootie treatment with moisturising Shea Butter and Almond Oil to nourish dry skin and help repair cracked heels. Peppermint freshens feet and Soybean re-hydrates leaving them feeling ultra-soft and smooth.

We say: I love this product. Specifically the ease of use and the result.  I must admit that the teensy tiny writing made me stop reading which is unlike me as I like to know exactly what is in a product. The colour scheme of the “tear open package” was jolly and fun and would attract me to it if I was to see it in a store somewhere. Most likely they display this item on a plastic strip hanging down off the shelf so you can just pluck one off without too much thought.

The packet opens to reveal two soften sock masques with all the goodness of the ingredients safely kept inside until you tear apart the two socks. Each little sock has two layers with a plastic layer over the inner layer that is saturated with the ingredients.

Slip a sock masque onto each foot. Settle back to watch TV or catch up on that great book. Or if you want to make the most of it do another beauty treatment at the same time. I prefer the lying on the bed, reading scenario…

Although it is not suggested, I slipped on a pair of bed socks over the top to press the ingredients closer to my skin. You want to get as much as possible from the experience so this helps and any old pair of socks will do. With that in mind if you could time the treatment for just before going to bed then your feet will continue to absorb the ingredients rather than being absorbed by your socks or shoes. This is perfect little treat for a girly sleep over if you team it with a face mask from the 7th Heaven range at the same time.

After the suggested time I removed the soften sock masque boots and massaged the remaining residue into my ankles and calves. My skin was soft and rejuvenated. I headed into the bathroom and used my diamond foot file to slough off the dead skin at my heels which was nicely softened and fell away easily. Win, win with this one and at a great price!


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soften sock masque

Softening Sock Treatment Masque, £2.99 MONTAGNE JEUNESSE at ocado.com

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