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Our grooming guide to hygiene and beauty at work

There is a certain level of grooming and maintenance that is vital for good health and a polished appearance. The word ‘grooming’ conjures up images of women wearing pink smocks sitting under hooded dryers, having their nails done at the same time.

Curlers and setting lotions have had their day, but we still want to look effortlessly good. Here is our guide to correct hygiene and beauty grooming.

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Body brushing

The time we have for ourselves is often limited and so keeping it simple is the key. The very basics of hygiene and good grooming include a daily bath or shower.

You can use both of these activities to include dry body brushing – yes, you’ve all heard of it and thought about doing it. Yet you still haven’t brought a brush.

Well good news, you can brush your body from the toes up, using long flowing strokes to aid circulation, improve skin tone and encourage exfoliation, with a dry flannel. Wash the flannel and let it dry naturally so it has a rough surface. No excuses left. You’ll soon see the benefits. Wash the flannel every few days.

Salt scrub

A few times each week use a salt scrub, especially on your feet and the backs of your arms. With both brushing and scrubbing, gently does it – you are not trying to scrub out a damn spot.

Body lotion

Apply a body lotion while your skin is still damp. Use the same long sweeping motions as body brushing. By applying to damp skin, you are trapping in moisture making your efforts doubly productive.

You will be gleaming and sweet smelling; any cast off skin cells will not be hanging around inviting bacteria to jump aboard and have a party.


Deodorant is a big part of everyone’s life. Applied after a shower, it should hold sweating and odour at bay for a good 12 hours. Some products boast of 24 hours protection.

Whatever you use, if it’s not doing the job you may be blissfully ignorant. Reasons for excess sweating are myriad and some are the result of medications for a personal problem.

Oral hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day. Use mouthwash and floss. If you want to really look after your teeth, try and fit in brushing after lunch as well. If you do not have time for this, at least check your teeth in the mirror after each meal to spot food debris.

The problems with teeth and gums, is that they accelerate as you age. Flossing is boring but is a front line defense against gum disease. A winning smile is a fabulous tool when making new friends. We all know when we have eaten too much garlic, but it is possible to be unaware of halitosis that may be the result of medication or poor digestion.


Keep your hair clean. Shampooing twice is not always necessary despite what it says on the bottle. We all use too much product. Not only that, but we apply it in exactly the same place each time, resulting in build up in those areas.

To stop this habit, measure roughly a teaspoon of shampoo into your cupped hands and move your hands over the surface of your hair before massaging it in. Shiny hair is vital to a well-groomed look. Keeping a small hairbrush in your bag is not vanity. Looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards can be a thing of the past if you remember to drag that brush through your hair a few times a day.


A buffed nail is better than one with the remnants of polish clinging to it. Buffing can be done while doing other things like reading or watching TV.

Treating your hands and feet to daily applications of a dedicated cream is vital as prevention against cracked dry skin.

Use a sugar scrub on your hands once a week. Pour a teaspoon of almond, olive or any other oil you have into your cupped hand. Sprinkle in a tablespoon of sugar and wring your hands together and massage the sugar and oil sludge into your knuckles and around your nails then rinse and pat dry before applying your hand cream.

Ultimate grooming top tip

Check your appearance throughout the day and remove stray hairs, spillages and anything else that has adhered to your clothes!

When all of these points are under control, you can focus on more important things and feel relaxed about your appearance.

Post Author: Rowena Kitchen

Rowena Kitchen
I am a qualified beautician active in the industry for over 20 years. To me health and beauty go hand in hand. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. My USP is my love of finding ideas to make money go a long way by making informed choices about what to invest in. I love everything about the beauty business and bring my joy and caution in equal measure to my writing and exploration.

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