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We are mostly in denial about the fact that what we eat and how we behave is less important in life than the latest eyeshadow or bath oil.

Not every thing can be solved by slapping on a layer of expensive moisturiser. Yes, sure, we all make the right noises and are convinced that we are allergic to gluten/wheat/carbs so that is why we are lethargic and overweight but the truth is we need a good shake up to start looking after ourselves better.




I, who know way better, often feel that people are lecturing me when they start to bang on about the benefits of green tea or getting enough sleep.  Yawn. Papering over the cracks works fine when you are very young but all those late nights and excessive social drinking and eating of junk food will come back to haunt you very shortly…..You can run but you can’t hide.

Your body runs a tight ship ticking over night and day to keep you upright and alive!  If you think about this in very simple terms you will be more willing to take on advice and even act on it.

Basically your heart is your engine.  If you heart is in trouble then so, Dear Reader, are you.   Don’t you want to be the Bugatti of the piece and not the Citroen 2CV?

This very core of your existence needs fuel to keep it pumping.  Giving it the best makes total sense to me.  Pushing all the blood around the body tirelessly takes effort.  Ideally blood likes to swish along clean veins and arteries with no obstructions so eating well not only creates fuel but gives a nice clear playing field as well.

Taking in a good variety of minerals and vitamins is easy peasy.  The bottom line is to eat foods in a range of different colours as a rule of thumb.  Foods that are as close to unprocessed as possible are simply the best. Exercise to strengthen muscle and bone.  Sleep well so the night shift can carry out essential repairs and maintenance while you dream of sugar plums dancing in your head and of being Mrs Bradley Cooper.  Or whoever your pash is!

Understanding how the bits and pieces under and for that matter in your skin work is vital to your attitude towards your body.

I am starting this in depth look at how you can be the best that you can be with a look at legs and feet.  I have chosen this route rather than working from the head down because it is the time of year when women “Get their legs out” as the ghastly expression goes.  Why say it as if you have just discovered your legs in your underwear drawer hidden behind the mountain of bras you never wear because you failed to try them on before buying?

Emerging like a beautiful butterfly from a cocoon rather than a tatty moth is simple if you keep up standards year round.  So with all that in mind let’s pop open the hood and start looking inside…

Post Author: Rowena Kitchen

Rowena Kitchen
I am a qualified beautician active in the industry for over 20 years. To me health and beauty go hand in hand. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. My USP is my love of finding ideas to make money go a long way by making informed choices about what to invest in. I love everything about the beauty business and bring my joy and caution in equal measure to my writing and exploration.

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