Calm: The #1 App and it’s New Sleep Mist

Tossing and turning at 3 am; checking our phones as we count the hours until we’re suppose to be refreshed. This is a modern nightmare that’s turning into a global, major health problem. Just when you thought that technology was the trigger, here is an app called Calm that’s helping to send millions to sleep.

Known as a meditation, sleep and mental wellness app, it’s mission is to make the world happier and healthier. Available both in the App store – named by Apple as the 2017 iphone app of the year, and on Google Play as ‘Editor’s Choice’.



Listeners can practice meditation and fall asleep to the sounds of Sleep Stories. Described as helping the transition between our buzzing minds being alert, to soothing us to prepare for rest. Since being launched in December 2016, nearly 30 million ‘listens’ have occurred, with 3 million listens a month. Readers include Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry.

Although Calm started as an app, its popularity has propelled itself to become a brand. It is in fact the first app-based business to launch physical products. Sleep Mist – a fragrant spray to help you drift off, launched recently, co-siding with their first Masterclass series – audio classes covering a variety of subjects from relationships to exercise and diet.


Sleep Mist

After ten months blending over a thousand scent formulations, Calm’s Sleep Mist was created; a natural elixir of lavender, frankincense, chamomile and clary sage. It’s blended in California and contains 100% pure essential oils.

The scent lingers effortlessly between being powerful but not overtly strong. I felt that a couple of sprays were required until my head swept down on my pillow, and eased in to the feeling that a moment of dreaming could transport me to a flower garden.

As a lover of lavender, I admire the strong essence fused in the spray. Although my insomnia does not triumphantly lose, the Sleep Mist helps calm my mood and swaps thoughts of breakfast suggestions in the morning, to simply unwinding and acknowledging the need to relax.

The price is £19.99. Somewhat expensive as an addition to your nighttime routine. The only consolation is that a couple of sprays each night, means the bottle will last a lengthy duration.

In a society that has adopted New York’s ethos – the city that never sleeps, could this app and spray be the answer for you?

A subscription to Calm, including access to all Sleep Stories, costs £10.30 a month/£48 a year and £239 lifetime. Find out more here.

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