Carnation Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover


Carnation Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover

Carnation Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover

Price: £12.49 (RRP)
They say: Buffs away hard and jagged skin on the feet. Specially designed, splash proof, lightweight device that fits easily into the hand. Abrasive roller rotates at 40 revolutions a second through 360 degrees.
We say: I was impressed with this tool for many reasons. Firstly, it was super comfortable to hold and very light and not at all unpleasant to touch. The plastic had a nice feel to it. I liked the pink accents against the crisp white so once I had jettisoned the plastic and cardboard it looked far more modern and aimed at everyone not just geriatrics. Just updating their cardboard insert would mean more people stopping to look at it. Inserting the batteries was simple and the whole thing clicked back together with no effort. Nothing worse than spending time fiddling with a cover trying to ram it back in place or trying to get it to open.

The buffing action was smooth and even without me having to apply any pressure at all.  You just hold the device in place and slowly run the roller back and forth.  There was a satisfying amount of dry skin spinning off. Applying a bit more pressure did not make a great deal of difference so just let the roller do its work in its own time. This is for sure a regular maintenance kind of tool as opposed to a quick fix. Carnation offer another one of these tools with a more intensive level of skin removal if you feel this one is too gentle for you.

However, always remember that your feet need some hardened skin to deal with the impact of walking and moving about. So, the aim is reduce the area and prevent cracks forming but not take it too far. As with all these tools having them at home means no waiting for a pedicure appointment and even if you are lucky enough to have a regular pedicure then this will fill in the gaps.   It’s a good tool that should be in everyone’s bathroom – both male and female


I would love to see the Carnation range in a modern aimed at young people packaging way. The colours are too safe and the whole thing is boring but delivers the product safely.


For sure this is effective and gentle and I really liked the results.

Value for Money

Really good value as an initial outlay. I did not find out the cost of replacement roller or use it long enough to wear the initial one out so bear that in mind.


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Carnation Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover

Silky feet hard skin remover, £12.49

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