Anna Tuomaala Emilia Mala

Building A Brand: Emilia Mala

Building A Brand: Anna Tuomaala | Emilia Mala Welcome to our brand new feature where we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of the promising new creative talent in fashion and beauty.  We kick off the series with Anna Tuomaala from rising women’s contemporary brand Emilia Mala.  Finnish-born Anna, studied womenswear design at Aalto University in […]

London Fashion Week

Fashion Week for a first-timer

The big four Fashion Weeks are over for another season.  Cue big sigh. So, that gives us a breather and some time to reflect on our own homegrown one – London.  London Fashion Week is arguably one of the most exciting times of the year, for fashion lovers at least. Here at i the stylist […]


Which kind of shopper are you?

Shopping is an important activity which we spend a great deal of time on during the course of our lives. After all, it’s essential for day to day living.  We all must eat, get dressed and use utensils.  Necessary food shopping is often considered a chore but many are coming round to the pleasure that […]

Eating out

Does it pay to eat out?

To dine in or out – that is the question Eating out, let’s face it, is a very tempting choice for several reasons – the convenience, tasty meals and the social aspect. Our inner cities cosmopolitan restaurants and country pub meals can offer us something to eat quick and with a pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes there […]

Retro au retro

‘History always repeats itself’. It’s a universal saying that we all abide by and that has proven itself accurate in every situation when put to the test. No matter what field or topic it was referring to or associated with. And now, once again, and more than ever, history is indeed repeating itself – in […]