Walking For Exercise and Wearable Tech

It’s Walking Awareness Month so we’re asking to walk or not to walk? A conundrum we often face when weighing up whether to walk, or whether to entertain less physically-taxing forms of transport. Trains, buses and taxis have had their fare share of wins – but walking is on the rise. The reason? Undoubtedly the […]

water fasting

Water Fasting: Healthy or Dangerous? We Ask an Expert

There are various ways to fast. One of the most popular is intermittent fasting – following an eating pattern that focuses on when you eat. The 5:2 diet is based around this method which makes you restrict your food intake for two days out of seven. Aside from juice cleanses, there’s also water fasting. It’s […]


The Problems of Self-Diagnosing

Asking the internet for medical advice is something millions of us do every day. In fact, a recent survey from PharamcyOutlet.co.uk found that 39% of Brits regularly use Google and other search engines to self-diagnose commonplace health problems such as a sore throat or a nagging headache. But, given the amount of unreliable information online, it’s no wonder that […]

sports bra

5 Things You Should Know When Buying a Sports Bra

It’s the London Marathon this weekend and if you’re anything like me it may inspire you to dust off your running shoes or gym membership.  The sports bra is very much a part of women’s fitness routines today, growing more than 20 percent in popularity year-on-year to become a market worth almostt $3.5 billion in 2016 in the U.S. alone.   But no matter what size […]

fitness goals

Resolution Reboot: Achieve Your Fitness Goals Now

Warmer weather have you thinking back to that fitness resolution you couldn’t quite keep up?  Now is the perfect time to examine past fitness goals with some professional tips on getting over those previous roadblocks to give it another go!     Couldn’t get to your workout? Get a friend Accountability is one of the […]

Interview with Creator of HPE Activewear

When you think about gaining the most out of a workout, your mind focuses on diet and training. But what about your clothing? In 2013, Nicholas Harris filled a huge gap in the market. He combined the latest technology with style, and created HPE (Human Performance Engineering). Using his experience of more than 15 years […]