christmas traditions

Top 10 Christmas Traditions to Fuel Your Festive Spirit

Hands up if you’re already feeling the Christmas spirit?! The festive season is nearly upon us and it’s hard to contain the excitement. I love getting to spend time with my favourite people amongst all the twinkly lights, fabulous food and pretty presents. It got me thinking about all the obligatory Christmas traditions that my […]

Should Your Elderly Relative Live With You?

With Remembrance Sunday still close on our mind it’s a time to reflect on how we should constantly be grateful to the older generation for their contributions to our present day life -particularly our relatives. The most-recent UK population data shows that the number of old and elderly people is rising year on year, with 18% […]

young professional renters

Tips to Attract Young Professional Renters

Millennials and young professionals represent a large share of tenants and with the news that up to a third of young people in the UK will never buy their own property, appealing to this demographic could be a valuable move for landlords. If you’d like to attract young professional renters but are unsure how, you […]

11 House Moving Hacks to Save Time and Stress

Living in London kind of guarantees that you’ll be renting throughout your 20s— unless you’re one of those people lucky enough to live with their parents (free food, free washing, free internet — in which case, please adopt me. Another guarantee is that you will not rent one place for your entire life—you’ll move around […]