Wearable Tech: SAY Necklace

“Wearable device manufacturers have been targeting the consumer health and infotainment markets with little regard to the unique needs, styles, and habits of young adults—a substantial and as yet untapped segment in the wearables market.”  This is the opening statement on the website for new wearable technology entrant SAY™.     Developed by Hermes Innovation Ltd, […]

Wearable Tech: KAZbrella

Our wearable tech feature this week seems completely inappropriate with the unusually fine weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK. Dare I say it – we may have a real summer this year i.e. sunshine for three months consecutively.  So, despite the lack of rain (for the next 48 hours at least) it’s still worthwhile […]

Wearable Tech: Lumativ

If you’re a fan of snapbacks and like to stand out from the crowd then you may want to check out Lumativ.  Lumativ launched in 2010 and are an LA-based wearable technology company that specialise in illuminated systems for apparel and accessories.     To date the majority of illuminated apparel has been quite directional thus more […]

Wearable Tech: ReVault

The Swedes can always be relied upon for their practical minimalism.  It’s a love affair us Brits can’t get enough of. So, chances are you’ll appreciate the ReVault.  Swedish inventor Elia Mörling is hoping to bring to market the first smartwatch with a wearable wireless storage that allows you to securely access and sync all your files across […]

Wearable Tech: Apple Watch

After much fanfare Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch, the Watch, finally hits wrists today.  Unless you’ve pre-ordered one though, don’t expect to get your hands on one of these just yet.   Whilst the watches won’t be in physical stores till at least the summer pre-orders are still being taken online so put that sleeping bag away.   Apple […]

Wearable Tech: Wristify

Wristify claims to be the first designer bracelet that heats or cools you.  How useful is that I hear you ask.  The bracelet is still in the development stage and the image below is a mock-up by award-winning designer Niccolo Casas. The technology that will be used by the device is patent-pending but the idea is […]