Wearable Tech: Apple Watch

After much fanfare Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch, the Watch, finally hits wrists today.  Unless you’ve pre-ordered one though, don’t expect to get your hands on one of these just yet.   Whilst the watches won’t be in physical stores till at least the summer pre-orders are still being taken online so put that sleeping bag away.   Apple […]

Wearable Tech: Wristify

Wristify claims to be the first designer bracelet that heats or cools you.  How useful is that I hear you ask.  The bracelet is still in the development stage and the image below is a mock-up by award-winning designer Niccolo Casas. The technology that will be used by the device is patent-pending but the idea is […]

Wearable Tech: Memi

The choice for practical, stylish wearable tech for women gets bigger and better by the month.  The concept of MEMI came into fruition in 2013 when the team behind the smart bracelet raised $101,144 on Kickstarter to fund production.   MEMI: Wearable Technology Made By Women for Women from MEMI on Vimeo.   Leslie Pierson, a […]

Wearable Tech: Cuff

Early last year smartwear start-up Cuff collaborated with jewellery company Richline Group to launch their first collection of wearables specifically aimed at the style conscious fitness enthusiasts amongst us. The collection consists of 7 pieces (4 cuffs, 2 necklaces and 1 key chain).     The technology is a smart module which is then placed in your […]

Wearable Tech: Ringly

There’s money to be made in stylish smartwear.  Ringly the makers behind smartwear jewellery for women, have so far raised $6.1 million – yes million – to expand their jewellery line.  The brand is the brainchild of Christina Mercando.  Mercando was Senior Product and Design Manager at eBay.  the idea came about after she realized that many women […]

Wearable Tech: Mira

If one of your prerequisites for a fitness tracker is to be stylish then the Mira is for you.  Designed specifically for woman the fitness tracker is described by the team behind it as “…a wearable device for women devoted to delivering a simple, personal and motivational fitness experience with style.”     With a target of […]

Wearable Tech: Withings Activite Pop

Withings website boldly references their smartwatches as the ‘new face of activity tracking’.  The French manufacturer is clearly confidant that they are not afraid of any competition.  Withing’s CEO, Cédtic Hutchings, made his feelings clear earlier this month at CES 2015 stating, “Smartwatches today, they are giving wearables a bad name.” The brand currently have two offerings […]

Wearable Tech: Swarovski Shine

On first impressions the Swarovski Shine looks like a regular eye-catching piece of fashion jewellery.  The popular luxury cut-glass brand isn’t a name you’d associate with the tech world but thanks to their collaboration with premium wearable tech company, Misfit that could soon be the case.   The Swarovski Shine collection will marry Misfit’s technology […]