How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Your Goals

This year, we are all about making it the year of change. Making those dreams a reality, paving the way for those desires we have and bringing them to centre stage. However, in order to achieve the changes we strive for, it’s safe to suggest that a change in our ways may be in order. Intrigued?

We explore how changes to our mindsets may pave the way for positive fruition in our careers and perhaps love life too.



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To make the changes we strive for a reality, half the battle lies in conquering your strength of mind and truly believing in your potential from the core. Changing the “I can’t” into “I can” is the real game changer. It’s not however as easy to implement as it may sound.

So how does one go about changing the mind and using more positive affirmations?

The key element is to introduce as many positive incentives into your daily routine that nurture your mind towards more positive thoughts. The following is inspiration to point you in the right direction:


Visualise to Actualise 

Visualisation holds more power then we realise and can be a very empowering tool! Create your own board of inspiration and dreams to encourage motivation. The bonus being that it’s fun.

Ensure your moodboard is displayed in a place where it will be seen.The more you see it, the more you may start to believe in making your dreams a reality.


Words are Power: Books & Podcasts

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We can sometimes forget the power of words and the profound influence they can have on our minds. In the same way that our bodies need the right fuel for good health, so do our minds!

We underestimate the power of nurturing our mentality with the same dedication and effort. Pick out some inspiring reads and make a note of the quotes that resonate with your vision.

Don’t worry if reading doesn’t take your fancy, thanks to the evolution of technology, we have podcasts and audible books to turn to. Our options are vast, seizing them is our choice and  thankfully we live in a world where we have the resources to accommodate our lifestyles.

Reaching out to an infinite source of knowledge not only allows us to strengthen our outlook, but it opens our mind to new possibilities and new leaps of imagination.


Change stress into relaxation

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Needless to say, we’re guilty of undermining the benefits of taking the time out to unwind and simply relax. Packing more into our days has become a habit which consequently makes time to relax a novelty.

Nevertheless, a healthy and positive mindset is more likely to happen if we allow time for our minds and bodies to reset. A little “me time” can improve our energy and perspective. Both of which are crucial pillars to making positive changes.




With our daily jobs monopolising the majority of our schedules,  to keep our  year of change in motion,  we encourage more zest to those of you sitting on the fence waiting for transitions to happen.

Whether that be that promotion you have your eye on, opting for a new role or even switching career altogether. Nurturing your mindset will make those challenges feel less daunting.

Knowledge is power; utilise any free moments such as a train journey home to research enough until you feel confident to push forward.  For added inspiration, read these success stories on women who changed their careers. 



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We appreciate love but relationships can be challenging. Especially if there is conflict in the relationship. Our advice is always to deal with conflict head on. As long as there is no deceit or abuse in the relationship perhaps it’s something that can fixed with couples therapy? Realtionshiops are one of those interesting quests in life that we all must face.

If you are on the dating scene, your mindset is certainly crucial. Dating – like our technology, has evolved dramatically over the last few years with dating apps taking president of how we meet new potentials.

The underlying factor of our revolutionised world is reinforcing the importance of having an open mind. Whether you are dating or holding up the fort of a relationship, understanding the pillars of a happier mindset is key to unlocking success.

To move towards more positive affirmations in this area, may we suggest to take a step back and as cliché as it may sound, listen to your heart’s desire.

Let this be the year where you seize the helm of your dreams and goals and build towards creating the momentum of your year for change. New ways…new outcomes.

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Gina Gambhir
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