How to choose the best spa treatment

Whether you seek some chill out, relaxation time for your-self or you have an upcoming event where you want to look your best, consider a spa treatment. Maybe you have a spa therapist whom you trust with your well-being and beauty needs or perhaps you are starting out or have just moved. A good starting point is a beauty self-assessment – Do you feel pain, tension or have problematic skin areas?


Once you have an idea of the areas of your body which you would like to improve on try to think of the ideal treatment without yet looking at any spa menus.  The reason for this is that so you will not be too influenced by strong wording which may distract from your actual needs.  So keep in mind what you would like and which treatment will make your senses tingle.


best spa treatment


So you have loose idea of a treatment which may be the answer to your aliments – it is the ideal time to look at the spas menu. Some of the information that will support you with your spa choice is price, options, loyalty or discount cards and reviews. You may spot a treatment which will be a remedy for several areas of your well-being, for example, a body wrap for relaxation and skin tightening.


Many spas offer a ‘specialist’ treatment which is unique to their establishment. If this meets your requirements and is within budget you may find the therapists expertise lies here. As an individual searching for improved well-being, it is essential to take account of your uniqueness – are you restless?  Would lying down for a certain period of time make you uncomfortable?  Maybe a half hour treatment would be sufficient.



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Visit in advance…


Before you make any decisions it is a good idea to pop into the spa in advance of your treatment and there are several reasons for this; to check cleanliness, determine the atmosphere-does it feel relaxing and to get a feel of the staff-are they friendly and welcoming? You may want to see the facilities for example, if you are a keen swimmer, the size of the pool will be particularly relevant to you.


Are there spa rules?


Sometimes a first visit to a spa may be a bit nerve wracking as every place will have differing procedures and expectations. The general rule is to fill in a questionnaire regarding health and perhaps discussing the chosen treatment with your assigned therapist.  It is usually understood that a robe or towels will be used to protect your modesty, you may even opt to wear a swim suit or bikini. For a full body message disposable pants are usually provided.


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Is my therapist qualified?


A typical beauty therapist will have obtained a qualification and gained experience through college placements.  For certain treatments including botox and microdermabrasion the establishment will require extra licensing.  If you select such a treatment do not hesitate to ask to see their paper work – remember it is your body and anyone working with it should treat it with respect!


What are the origins of the modern day spa?


Spas have been used for many years and at one time a spa was actually used by the rich for residential stays. Many hotels today incorporate spas and so the spa visits of the past can still influence us today.  Many clients will generally spend the day or at least several hours there.  Water treatment has an important place in the spa and this is what differentiates it from a place which only provides beauty treatment. Often a spa will have luxurious water extras including mini fountains and even essential oil showers.


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Which treatments are available?


Treatments which are frequent are therapeutic message, hydrotherapy, body wraps, facials and manicures and pedicures. Choices such as ‘hot stone message’ are gaining in popularity.  Each treatment has its own aims and particular results depending on what you would like however there is an overall aim of all spas – to help you to feel relaxed and pampered.  


Keep expectations realistic


Spas can have a huge impact on how we feel emotionally and physically as well as improving how we look. It is important to keep in mind that spa treatments, even frequent, will not work miracles and results tend to be short term. Even so the benefits of a treatment after a hard week at work or before an occasion can be visible to others, especially the emotional influence – the soothing music, candles and touch all contribute towards the release of feel good hormones, making us vibrant and glowing.


The results of treatments can include; reduction of chronic pain, encouragement of blood flow, stress reduction, deep relaxation and promotion of skin firmness. Once you find the right spa and treatment/treatments for you, you can relax, feel zen and enjoy.


best spa treatment

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