Circle Retreats: Creativity and Yoga Combined

Circle Retreats is a new retreat business that works with a creative, somatic approach. Founded by Gabriel Marshall and Krysia Howard – both trained in therapeutic arts — their concept is one that combines the arts and creative process, with body-led practices such as yoga and massage, with meditation bridging between the two.

Circle Retreats


Their next upcoming retreats are both in Spain; Ibiza in June and Almeria in October.

Here is what they have to say regarding their methods:

“Accessing our creativity opens up the right side of the brain which is naturally linked to our feelings and sensations, so when a person is in a creative process they use the same part of the brain as they would during a yoga practice which allows for deep self-reflection. Working somatically (in a physical and feeling led way) gives each participant the chance to develop their “feeling” muscle”.

Circle Retreats


With the rising boom of yoga and social-media driving many to hone fitness, wellness retreats are no longer such a ‘niche’ vacation; many are now removing its exclusivity.


“Circle Retreats offered me everything I was looking for.  Healing through yoga, diet and the creative arts as well as having the space for meditation and  personal time left me feeling completely restored and energetically balanced. I feel so much stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.” – Geraldine

What to expect

In booking a Circle Retreat, you can enjoy the excitement and relaxation of a holiday, but also rejuvenate, feel mentally and physically restored, as well as being inspired.

From the 23rd to the 29th of June 2018, the Ayurvedic Balancing Retreat in Ibiza is taking place.


Circle Retreats


This 6-day boutique retreat is designed to both teach and inspire you in the ancient medicinal tools of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the oldest and only complete holistic medicine system in existence. It is focused on the wisdom of healing; the art of healthy living in harmony with the natural world.

A mix of creative art workshops, yoga, treatments, food cooked according to Ayurvedic guidelines – seasonal produce; emphasis on supporting your digestive system, can all be expected.

In addition, there is a one-on-one consultation with Ayurvedic medicine therapist, Sonja Shah-Williams. Sonja will create your bespoke programme of adjustments, in nutrition, digestive strength, immunity, the seasons, age, lifestyle, daily regimen, and even relationships.

The rooms at Casa Lakshmi Luz — where you would stay — are all equipped with organic, Ibiza-made soaps and body lotion. There are a total of 5 different rooms to choose from.

Circle Retreats

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