Common Factors That Break a House Sale and How to Avoid Them

There are a variety of little and large factors that commonly hold up or even ruin the chance of a property being sold. In most cases, a little extra preparation could have avoided any break in the possibility of a sale. Plenty of research and experience means there is a lot of information out there about what puts potential homebuyers off a property. These are some of the most common factors which can break a house sale and how to avoid them.



The price

Choosing an appropriate price from the start is essential to get your property enough interest and viewers in the first place. Pricing it too highly will mean nobody even bothers to arrange a viewing, the property can end up on the market for weeks and other potential buyers think something’s wrong with it as it’s still for sale. Likewise, too low a selling price can lead to suspicions that it has issues. 

How to avoid: Research the price of similar houses for sale in the area and work with your agent to determine the correct price.

Damp and dirt

Research from over 4,000 buyers found dirty kitchens and bathrooms to be the biggest turn-off. This isn’t surprising as these are the most used and personal areas of any home, so most buyers will expect them to be in top quality condition. These places are also where damp can often be found, which has the same negative effect.

How to avoid: Clean the bathroom and kitchen so it’s good as new, getting rid of any damp and opening windows to cover the smell.

Poor design

Awkward layouts can be off-putting but are impossible to change in older properties especially. However, bad design can be altered, from odd looking plants cluttering up a room to an awful colour scheme. Ugly carpets and rugs, furniture and kitchen cabinets can all break a sale, or lead to price negotiations if the potential buyer doesn’t like them. 

How to avoid: Repaint the living room if it’s a dark colour, add an edge with some quality options from Direct Blinds, remove any ugly artwork and rugs, and get rid of any clutter.

Location and facilities

Sometimes there’s little you can do, as some buyers just won’t like a house based purely on its location (and moving it somewhere else won’t be an option unless it’s a campervan you’re selling). The lack of a garden, garage and parking are common reasons for a sale to break too.

How to avoid: Purchase a parking permit to include with the property and see if you can convert any outside space into something resembling a garden or yard. 

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