Concealer: KKW Beauty V Kylie Cosmetics

In the ever-evolving beauty world, it can become difficult to choose the right concealer. The only guarantee we have is that the Kardashian-Jenner family will always be at the front of leading beauty trends, inspiring us and serving looks.

With Kim and Kylie both releasing their own concealer products, i the stylist has put together a comparative list to help you choose which sister’s brand is best for you.

  1. Kylie released 30 different shades, but Kim released just over half of that at 16
  2. Kim created hers with all ages and skin types in mind (see her campaign with mum Kris Jenner and grandma MJ) whereas Kylie’s formula is more now. Kim’s is mattifying and Kylie’s gives a subtle dewy finish. A matte finish is classic and a dewy finish is all-the-rage at the moment
  3. Both are liquid products to ease application and make blending easier
  4. Kim’s product comes with the option of a kit: concealer, loose powder and a brightening powder. Kylie doesn’t provide a kit but does sell single blushers and highlights that could accompany her concealer
  5. Kim’s formula is slightly thicker than Kylie’s because her emphasis is on eradicating under-eye bags. Kylie’s formula is more creamy and lightweight because she kept luminosity in mind when creating the product
  6. However, the durability of both products is, as generally agreed in most YouTube reviews, pretty good.

The Verdict

Kylie’s concealer just about takes the lead not on formula or finish, because it is diverse. She provides more shades and a description for each on her site to ensure buyers get the exact look and shade they desire.

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