REVIEW: CosmeticDerm Hydra-Sensitive Face Cream

REVIEW: CosmeticDerm Hydra-Sensitive Face Cream


3 out of 5
5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Value for Money


4.2 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Quick absorption
    Smells lovely

  • Cons:

    Dipping pot
    No SPF
    More suitable for night time

  • Conclusion:

    This product is better suited for evening routines. The thick but light consistency is refreshing on the skin. Skin appears well moisturised and polished.

CosmeticDerm Hydra-Sensitive Face Cream

Price: £7.00
Stockists: Tesco

They say

This nourishing cream has active ingredients that soothe sensitive and delicate skin. It helps relieve tightness, itching and flaking and protects skin from the elements by restoring its natural moisture balance.

We say

The CosmeticDerm Hydra-Sensitive Face Cream is a good product to get even hydration. Using the cream during those harsh weather changes certainly lived up to its ultimate moisturising claims. The thick but buildable consistency slathers the skin with the nutrients it needs to avoid flaking and itching.  Based on my experience I can confidently say that those who have dry skin could benefit greatly from using Tesco’s own brand CosmeticDerm Hydra-Sensitive Face Cream.

The product is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving an uncomfortable residue. The scent is light and floral but not strong enough to result in irritation. The packaging of the cream is simple. Although, I’d rather not dip my finger into face products for hygienic purposes. Then again, very little is needed to spread over the face and neck so only one visit to the pot per application is necessary. Unfortunately, the cream offers no SPF, so it is recommended only in the evenings or layered under other SPF products.


The packaging is very bulky. The frosted glass and screw on cap gives a clean look and secures the product well. Again, another method of getting the product without dipping your fingers in the pot is preferred such as a small spatula.


An ultra-hydrating moisturiser for sensitive skin. A great pick for dry skin to fight off winter’s obstacles.

Value for money

Retailing at only £7.00 this Tesco own brand product is perfect for those looking for an effective and affordable evening moisturiser.

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